Important SEO trends 2019 you should not miss

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Are you in search of useful SEO tactics and strategies that can help enhance your ranking? Here are the 10 important SEO trends 2019 that you should consider for better results.

Understand the intent of your user and audience:

In 2019, the factor that serves to be most important is to know the preferences of audience as whether they like video, images or audio. It is important to understand what the user is looking for and his query must be answered in the way that is simplest and precise.


When the content is aimed at wrong audience, no results for business growth could be achieved even when it is written with perfection and is optimized as well. Google will reward you and visitors will also empower you when the journey of audience is enhanced by your site.

Move ahead of Google search:

This is the year in which only Google optimization will not suffice since other engines will also require similar attention. It is therefore important to go for the tactics that can result in engagement and traffic for things beyond websites as well.

You need to rank well at the platform where users are searching for services and therefore device optimization is must. All this needs best content writing for the platforms that are made to meet users regardless of their source of approach.

The key is data markup that is structured:

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Whenever it is possible, structured data must be used since for Google, the importance of AI is increasing rapidly. In this case, the key is structured data when movement of Google is towards the world of AI-first from mobile-first.

Faster contents processing and their relations is required in AI. It is therefore important to test, understand and implement the contextual relation that is there between behaviors and topics and that structured markup also supports.

Create extraordinary content:

As per the updates of Google algorithm, it is evident that Google is intensely focusing on content quality evaluation and at website content breadth and depth. The sites having top ranks are found offering content with remarkable depth in quality.

In comparison, those that are not strong in depth of content were found suffering. So it is better to step creating content for the sake of just keeping the blog alive. The issue is that is not good enough for links acquisitions and therefore has less chances of better ranking on Google.  

Therefore the need is creation of content that is problem solving and that motivates, moves and establish connection with people.

Enhance authority, trustworthiness and expertise:


The other key trend of SEO in 2019 is growing and enhancing the trustworthiness, authority and expertise that is known in rating guidelines of search quality in Google as E-A-T.  

It is important that authority is there on a particular subject for getting ranking since just writing authoritative content cannot do the job. The promotion and distribution of content must therefore be looked from standpoint of reputation.

Considering these important SEO trends 2019 can help enhance rankings and achieving the desired goals.