How Best Assignment Writing Services Differ Between Referencing and Bibliography?

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Assignment projects are known to give students nightmare! Most of the students consider it a ‘necessary evil’ to successfully pursue their graduation and post graduation. Right from assignment writing to Essay making, dissertations to research paper and case studies, it is considered to be an integral part and basic demand to successfully pursue any professional course.

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    Well, then what is the problem? Why can’t we just make the assignment online when asked and get rid of the headache? That’s because it is not a one day affair! You are accountable for submission on almost every other day, on almost every topic related to your course, and that too in every semester till the day you have proven yourself to sit among the peers’ in convocation ceremony carrying the well earned degree in your hand…sounds familiar, right?

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    It is not about the hard work, which is an essential part of our lives but the immense amounts of stress that students face while doing their assignment writing projects. The stress of taking care of each portion of your project meticulously and that too with a stiff deadline in order to not compromise with your grades.

    The Correct Format: The Story of a Never Ending Struggle…

    ‘It is not in the correct format! Correct it and submit it back positively by tomorrow’, it is the statement that we occasionally hear from our professors. Ever wondered what is the correct format and why is it matter? What is the content matter and it’s sequencing? Why the structure or appearance of the assignment is always given preference by the teachers and the content is counted secondary? Get familiar with some of the key assignment writing tips to find answers to your questions.

    Now, coming to the most interesting yet common problem that students face while struggling with the correct format is to mention referencing or bibliography. These are the two terms that students and often teachers use interchangeably while asking to mention the sources employed to complete the assignment. However, there are some key differences among the two terms.

    Cutting to the chase, while writing an assignment online there are several aspects related to the correct format, but the one that we are going to dedicate this piece of writing is understanding how referencing differ from bibliography. And whether you are seeking for a dissertation writing services or a literature review, what is the smartest approach to effortlessly get the job done!

    What Bibliography Basically Define?

    Speaking in laymen term, it is used to mention all sources that assisted you in preparation of the document. It incorporates the ‘text’ used in your assignment or thesis writing along with external readings such as articles, books, journals, etc. Bibliography also helps in accessing the details related with editor(s), creator(s), date and year of publication. If we speak from the etymological sense, then the term comprises of two words, i.e. bibli referred to books and graphy referred to writing. So in basic sense, it is the compilation of various materials and different books in order to create a single work.

    Why is it Important?

    When you are creating any sort of academic writing, there is always a copy-write law to acknowledge the sources used and it is mandatory to include the names at the end of the work. The section of bibliography is used to list out the courses that a student has consulted to create a document. All the listings in bibliography are done in an alphabetical order.

    These sources could be in the form of the materials published online including web blogs, web documents, online journals, e-books, articles, etc. Besides, any form of offline or unpublished material such as magazine, book, maps, newspaper, etc. are also included. It is worth to note that the citation of year, date, edition, etc. introduces credibility to the work as it is based on facts, truth and logic.

    Understanding with Example

    There are various standard citation styles being employed for the creation of bibliography including-  


    Using references of the document as well as the in-text citations.

    For instance, as per Floyd(2006)…. or …. (Floyd, 2006).

    In order to cite book reference with one author, the format would feature Last name of Author, Initials.(Year).Title (Italic). Publication place: Publisher.


    Widely used for the subjects like Humanities and English

    For instance, according to C. V. Raman…. (47) or ……. (C. V. Raman, 47).

    In order to mention the book and the author’s name, the style will be: Author’s Last Name, First Name. Title(Italic. Publisher Name,Date.


    References are basically those that are directly incorporated in the text in order to support cited statements in the content. References are truly helpful in making the statement more authoritative.

    Bibliography employs sources of books, articles, magazines, research paper, etc. while references incorporate the sources of quotes and text used by the student.

    As a matter of fact, both bibliography and references are mentioned at the end of an assignment project, it is noteworthy that the bibliography always comes after the reference. All the sources mentioned in the reference list are arranged in both numeric and alphabetical order.

    When a student is using someone’s quotations from an article or book in his or her assignment writing, then the student can rewrite those words in his or her language while citing the person’s name who originally wrote those quotations.

    For instance, the innocence in the eyes of the child shattered the soul of the priest from the inside. He felt numb when he received such a rational answer from a child at such a young age….(Lokesh Simha, 1981).

    The correct order in which a student could include reference in his or her assignment writing is as follows:  the last name, the initials of the author(s). the year of publication. Title of the Book: subtitle. The Publisher, the place of publication. E.g.: Jacobson, E.A. Norman, J. 2003. Amanda Colton (Women in Space):Author/astronaut (p. 44).James Bloomberg Publishers, the Unites States.

    Apart from bibliography and references compared above, there are some more irreplaceable benchmarks that you need to take care in order to get the work professionally done! Have a quick how to begin writing your assignment.

    Can you Handle All these Mumbo-Jumbo and Get your Assignment Done Now?

    Even after understanding the key difference between the two terms, it is possible for each one of us to mess up at crucial times while implementing them in our assignment. That is the reason why it is always suggestive to hire the services of assignment experts in order to get the job done with accurate application of bibliography and references.

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