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There are many entrepreneurs who complain that their website is unable to drive traffic. And surprisingly they are not using Google Analytics or any other tools to measure traffic. It is a known fact that digital marketing services helps in fetching good traffic. It is important that you measure traffic of your website regularly so that you can plan and make strategies accordingly.

There are entrepreneurs who have no clue about such tools. Google analytics is free of cost and easy to install with basic HTML knowledge. With the knowledge of CMS like WordPress, installation of Google Analytics becomes easy, and knowledge of HTML is not required. There are digital marketing company in India, providing digital marketing services who install it for you during website development. Unfortunately, many pf you are not aware about it.

Google Analytics Can Do Wonders - Analytics - ThoughtfulMinds
Entrepreneurs who are already using it, know how efficient this tool is. It can transform digital marketing services.

Digital marketing company in India can tell you how much traffic your website has and from which location. They can also tell you which keyword is fetching highest traffic and how your website is ranking on search engine. Phrasing keyword can also be done with this tool to drive more traffic. Google Analytics gives relevant information. Let’s look at an example to understand. You can check the bounce rate which means visitors don’t visit the next page. High bounce rate shows that people did not find the landing page informative and engaging. Bounce rate for a website should always be less.

Digital marketing company in India can tell you the average time customers spend on your website with Google Analytics. If the number is less, you need to work on the website and modify it. You can get a detailed report of every page of your website. You can find out which specific page needs modification to improve results. A home page should always be the most attractive one, with quality and informative content.

Google Analytics can do wonders if used effectively.

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