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content-writingAre you looking for blog writing in India that is not just highly effective for the search engines but attract the attention of the readers too? If your answer is yes, then here will get know about such blog writing services in India that is best in all respects!


After the recent Google updates like Panda and Penguin, it is sure that now it is basically the quality content that can take you to the heights. Now there is not at all any benefit of link building, link exchange or so on as now it is just the actual quality that can help you get promotion and real business.

Google Hummingbird update thoughtfulminds


Today if you want to get customers then you need to offer them exactly what they are looking for. It simply means your content should be relevant, to the point, interesting to read and useful for the readers and the search engines. It is basically that content that is required by everyone.


If you are also looking for blog writing in India that contains all the qualities as mentioned above and is available at very cheap prices then you can visit Blog writing page of Thoughtfulmimds. It is one such content writing company in India that has years of experience in writing content and offers nothing than the quality.


The best part of working with this company is that it offers content not just best in quality but cheap in price as well. For instance the price for blog writing that is being charged by this company is even cheaper than what is available at most of the freelancing websites.

INR 150 per blog


Yes here you can expect high quality blog writing at price of INR 150 only per 350-400 words. It is including of all costs. It is undoubtedly a very good price, as neither are you required to worry for the revisions, nor there any chances of content being copied.


What will you expect in that price in blog writing?


In the price of INR 150/- you can expect the original content with following features:


  1. 100% original content passed through Copyscape.
  2. Blog with informative title and sub headings
  3. Well researched, written after taking inputs from a number of sources, not just a rewrite.
  4. Blogs written using keywords in the natural manner
  5. Proper use of LSI Keywords
  6. Blog written with suitable meta title, meta description and so on


Thus in all you will get blog that is going to attract a good amount of traffic to your website. This is turn is going to get you prospective customers.


So what are you waiting for? Order blog writing in India from Thoughtful Minds at the cheapest price!


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