Top 10 WordPress plugins that businesses must know for WordPress website design

WordPress is the tool that is used by most of the organizations to give an online platform to their site. The site admins receive wide range of customization options from WordPress in the form of plugins. The plugin directory of WordPress has almost 40,000 options for different tasks. This makes it difficult to decide as which plugin is best and useful and which is not required by the site. To make the task simple, we are here with the list of premium and free WordPress plugins that are must have for WordPress website design.


As per the recommendation from Google, the ideal time for loading of site is 2 seconds. Also, if the site takes more than 8 seconds to load then no average visitor wait for it. Therefore, if the loading time of site is more than this then most of the visitors will leave the site without having a look at even single element present on it. This also affects Google ranking of the site.

Hummingbird is there to help you in this. It offers your site’s analysis after scanning it. For the speed of the site, the complete score is offered by this so that in few clicks, you can fix the issues.  Along with caching of page, it also compresses, minifies and merges.



W3 Total cache:

For the site on WordPress, the speed of page load is increased by W3 Cache plugin. This helps to enhance the overall experience of your site visitors. The overall performance of the site is augmented as the download and page load times are reduced. This factor also helps to improve the search engine ranking of the site.

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Being a well-known option for developing websites, WordPress becomes the impeccable target for the purpose of hacking. For this reason, it is must to ensure the safety of the site. To defend your site from the hacking attempts, wordpress provides Defender plugin by which defense is set up for the protection of site.

The site is checked by defender for the vulnerabilities and you can fix the available issue (if any) in just few clicks. Therefore, even if your site is hacked then it could be cleaned by installing Defender plugin. The site is also protected from future attempts of hack as its security is hardened by the plugin.




For the site on WordPress, powerful features suite is offered by Jetpack. Numbers of things are there as the part of this plugin such as: content tools in abundance, improved security, features for visitor’s engagement, improved performance of site. The option of mobile theme is also offered by Jetpack. This responsive and lightweight theme is designed for tablets and phones.


The blog comments that appear to be spam are filtered with the help of this plugin. A user’s history is associated with all the comments that help to identify those that were cleared or flagged by Akismet.



Google analytics+

In order to gain site popularity, it is important to track when and how it is visited by the user. It also offers with the option to analyze the site sections where improvements are required. For this, an excellent tool is Google Analytics+ that offers the admin dashboard with the required information. This help to track page views, visits, average duration of visit, bounce rate and referrers. The demographics of the site could also be traced with this. This helps to check the traffic on site so that you can take the required steps to improve it.

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Google XML sitemaps:

For the site, am XML sitemap is generated spontaneously by this plugin.  For the purpose of better indexing of pages by the search engines, it is crucial to have the sitemap. Web crawlers are able to efficiently retrieve results and see the site structure with the help of sitemap. Every time you create a post, it is notified to the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Google XML sitemaps-ThoughtfulMinds


Contact form 7

This plugin helps to manage and create several contact forms. With this plugin, there is no need of additional coding as easy customization could be done for the mail and form content.


There are number of problems for a site such as hack attempts, slow loading etc. These issues call for the need of a backup system that can save the pain and restore the site again. But what in case the backup is corrupted, lost, deleted or compromised? Is a backup of backup available with you? This issue could be resolved with Snapshot plugin that help with site backup. The backup could be saved to several locations such as Google drive, Dropbox and much more.

Ultimate branding:

While running the business and wordpress site at the same time calls for the need of beholding professional as crucial as products and content. Therefore it is a prodigious idea to fit the WordPress into a white group machine. This plugin helps to customize admin panel and achieve dependable branding throughout the site.

Ultimate branding-ThoughtfulMinds