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Learning how we make Social Media the Decisive Weapon for your Business

Most of the people think why there is so much about the social media as it offers nothing more than a free network. But if you analyze the significance of social media then you will realize that it is powerful and influential due to some of the concrete reasons. The social media services offered at Thoughtful Minds Web Services will help you to elevate your business to the new horizons of success.

But how? Why are we pursuing you to get benefited with the social media services to get rewarded with 100% success? Well some of the aspects are mentioned below for you convenience. These totally agreeable facts are-

a) Free of cost customer feedback! If you compare the former analog version of customer feedback to the contemporary digital version then you would find that things have become a way too simple than the earlier days. With a simple access and a few clicks with the mouse you can understand the scenario. This is something that elevated the parameter of social media worth to a whole new level.

b) It is an open channel for communication: Here, the concerned brands can also participate in the two-way dialogue along with the customers. It facilitates more transparency and less misunderstanding. The brands address the user issues and interests far more seriously than ever before. It is basically due to the fact that they have realized that if the public grievances go unnoticed then the power of social media instead of building up a brand, can sabotage it.

c) Quick and reliable sharing of information: Just a few clicks and the post become viral among a million people! The links of the post(s) be available to the users in an instantly way for further sharing. This feature of social media is a very powerful tool for those who wish to conduct flash sales. If you are hosting a sale with lucrative discount then all you are required to do is to release the information a few minute earlier before the commencement of sale. These are very effective techniques and believe it has directly benefited a numerous hosts till date.

d) User Generated Content: It is the simplest way of keeping your site busy. The content posted by the users’ only award a top notch ranking to the site. The popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and You tube are the best examples of it. But it is imperative to give the users a concrete reason to stay on the page. Here, the services offered by a good social media service providing company play a very decisive move. The loyal branding of the audience will make wonders as far as the traffic to your site is concerned. As the traffic of the meaningful audience to your site increases so will be the conversion rate for your business.

e) Competitive study: Social media is really a smart and effective tool to predict the moves of your competitor. After reading the posts of the competitor(s) and the reaction of the audience to them, you can attain leverage for your business site. It doesn’t matter whether your field of operation is associated with Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Government (B2G) or rather a charitable Non Government Organization (NGO), with a few clicks you can conduct a smart research online and that too at a very enormous scale.

Why Social Business?

The technology driven businesses are really worthwhile. Right from manufacturing to marketing and eventually to sales and service innovations, the constant existence of your business on social media benefits you in terms of customers and advocates. Right from the inception of a new business campaign, it is really a smart approach to implement the right ratio of social tools and attain a competitive lead.

Become a Social Business

If you are reading this page with a mission to become a social business then you have landed definitely at the right place. Here with the most refined and logical social media optimization and strategies you can successfully set up your own social business venture.

Here with us, you will get the benefit edge on cost savings drive, the way to empower the employees and engage the customers.

Understand the Business

Here comes an important step! To perform and be outstanding from rest of the competition it is essential to understand how it can influence the four pillars of your business operation.

Human Resources: Studies reveal that the involvement of the social media increases the competent abilities of the workers. It will generate 25% to 30% more revenue from each employee.

Marketing: Social Media automatically influences the buying decisions of the customers. As per a reliable study online, more than 80% of the people make a purchase after consulting or getting influenced from followers and friends on social media

Sales: The conversion rate goes pretty steep. It has been observed that after becoming social businesses companies normally observed an increase of 50% in terms of customer retention and 25% enhancement in the attainment of quota.

Product and Service Innovation: Social Business will help you to innovate and release the products on floor at 3 times more faster rate than the conventional offline stores. It will help you to collaborate with the overseas market in no time and grow and expand at a faster rate.

See it in Action:

Observe how the social media is influencing the lives of the people on day to day basis. Find what is there for you with us now!