Life at TMWS

life at IT companies

life at IT companies

It is the team of skilled and experienced professional content writers,

website/ Applications/Software/ Android developers, website designers,

testers that contributed towards the development of Thoughtful Minds.



We respect our each and every employee. New ideas and thoughts are always welcome. We understand that everyone has their unique ways and style to complete their job. We believe in everyone has potential and that’s why we keep faith in our every employees. Freedom of expression is an integral part of our at IT companies



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What make us different from others

Why are we different? The very reason is our awesome working environment and dedicated employees of our company. We are different in the way we started this company. We strongly believe in our values, honesty and treating other peoples with respect. The working environment here provides a challenging career and opportunity to personal development as well as career development. We provide working environment in the manner where healthy competition is desirable and encourages everyone to think out of boxes.


Work surrounding

We provide a work environment where you do not need to carry work at home. We want you to reach office with smile and go with the same. Here seniors are always ready to help you even after work hour. Apart from technical issues we also care about someone individual issues.


Freedom to Express

The company understand the freedom of expression in discipline manner for the betterment of project. There are no restrictions on expressing your creative instincts and thoughts. You are always welcome to share your ideas for the betterment of projects and company.


Complaints Are Heard

We pay attention on your complaint carefully and take proper action to resolve that issue. Here complaints will never go unnoticed.

Ideas Are Welcome

Here every employee feels proud on company growth and being their part, they took active participation in every activity of company. Here employees share their ideas to each other from time to time. At Thoughtful Minds, adopting new policies and ideas keep satisfied both our employees and clients.


Discipline Is as Necessary as Fun

There is a famous proverb that says “Action speaks louder than words”. Your dedication towards company must reflect in your discipline work. At the same time we ensure that you don’t miss any chance for fun, both are the integral part of our life.

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Reviews from our Employees


Here I got the opportunity to work with some of great inspiring minds and chance to utilize and enhance my skills. I feel very proud to be a part of Thoughtful Minds family.”

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Thoughtful Minds provide a great environment to work. Motivational and inspiring surrounding keeps me energetic and passionate about my job.

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Contact Information


Thoughtful Minds Web Services Pvt. Ltd.

India(Registered Office)

Our Marketing Office:
LG 14-20, Geejgarh Tower, Hawa Sadak, Next to Hotel Hilton, Civil Lines, Jaipur, India 302006



12466 Broad Oaks
Dr,Colorado Springs
CO 80921

Business Associate: Mr. Paritosh Rohilla
Phone: 719-266-4470


An der Spinnerei 14, 96047 Bamberg
Postfach 1733, 96008 Bamberg

landline: +49 951 60520034

Business Associate – Mr. Andreas Kuropka
mobile: +49 177 4884868