Online Jobs for Teenagers in US

On drawing attention to making money it has been noticed, the teenagers i.e. 13 to 19 years of age don’t really have many options to land safe. The best way for them to earn cash is via online jobs crafted for talented people. The question arises that where can a hardworking teen get a job that shell out higher than minimum wage? The employers are also not comfortable to hire these teens as they lack in work and life experiences.  It’s fortunate to have anonymous options of online jobs for teenagers.

work from home jobs for teenagers

On analyzing the online job opportunities for US Males and Females aged 13-17, it is seen that though they are unskilled, they still hold technologically a strong hand in comparison to the college graduates. When it comes to scaling them on responsibility and reliability factors, they weigh higher on this as well. With this strong notion, the teens of age group 13 – 17 are found moving steady on finding the best job. This develops them to own the freedom of making their working hours and make pocket money all together.

Benefits of online jobs for US Males and Females aged 13-17

  • An opportunity to prove their responsibility
  • Augment real life skills
  • Arrangement of funds for their higher studies
  • Earn pocket money

Skills around which the online tasks evolve include article writing, comparing information, simple data entry etc.

Why to prefer online jobs over normal jobs?

Seeing the benefits and opportunities of working at ease, the teens today are inclined towards online jobs than to traditional work.

  • Cost Effectiveness: The online jobs are considered to be comparatively cheaper as here it is only the internet fees that you are charged. Whereas on the other hand, in respect of normal jobs, traffic, stress, travel cost etc. tend to incur the major expense.
  • Time Saving: The time that you incur in commuting to the work place in normal jobs is reduced here to nil. Thus you are paid for every of your efforts for work.
  • Immense opportunities: There are a hell lot of things that you can explore online than a normal job. Here you get an opportunity to explore the world and choose the best option for you.
  • Bigger Network: The channel of network for online jobs is huge with which you can lead to a great network. Global audience is the trait of boundless society.
  • Age no bar: With no physical exertion, there is no issue of age. The only thing that the client is concerned of is work quality.
  • Location flexibility: The place of work is at your ease. Any site with Internet accessibility is apt and you get freedom of environment.

Top 5 online jobs for teenagers


With a vision to connect the real talent with businesses without boundaries, story of the Upwork began a decade ago. It ties the freelancers to work on live projects. This platform allows to find, hire, work and pay professionals of several niche.


This is a hub developed for the engineers and includes the top job requirements for various categories that create opportunities working from home.


This is one of the largest communities and the marketplace by lacs of employers catering the best projects globally to the freelancers. There are jobs related to writing, data entry, design, software etc that the teens can bid and earn.


This is one such freelance platform for teenagers to earn job which most of the people don’t know. Far beyond a listing site, this platform offers great opportunity in optimum regards.

People Per Hour:  

This is yet again a strong community of the professional employers who holds a strong portfolio of online jobs. This is a purpose driven job work that empower the keen people across the globe. The savvy businesses get connected to talented teenagers.

How to Commence and Payment basis:

This is a big world of online job for teenagers, in which the youth might get trapped. Handling the basic perspectives, following are the basic points to take care about in respect of joining and earnings from these sources.

  • Sign up with free or least charged account type.
  • Login to your account.
  • Prepare a list of online job sources.
  • Prepare the sub list of categories for which you seek your interest and the kinds of jobs you can handle.
  • Prepare your profile and create a sample portfolio of the kind of projects you are applying. There are also free platforms available on Internet where you can make your sample portfolio live.
  • Apply for jobs with your sample portfolio.
  • Be active to respond your employer.
  • Credibility and responsibility is a major factor that is primary in case of online jobs.
  • Do not miss the submissions.
  • Create high review ratings for your account and profile.
  • Payments in these online sources are very clear. Your accounts are secured via an escrow account.

This facilitates the teenagers to secure appropriate and well paid jobs.