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Writing college admission essay is an opportunity of a lifetime to outshine yourself on the platform designated to you. Unlike the test transcripts and scores, you can showcase the personality traits via the essay writing. The college admission essay, which is also termed as Statement of Purpose (SOP) is one of the key benchmarks on the grounds of which the selection to your desired college, institute or university is decided. As a matter of fact, the assimilation of these several hundred words could either make or break your prospects of aiming a prestigious institute for the sake of higher studies.

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    “The essays are significant in part because it is the chance for the student to directly speak to the admissions office,” as quoted by Adam Sapp, who is the director and senior associate dean of admissions at Pomona College in the US state of California. According to Niki Barron, the associate dean of admission at Hamilton College in the State of New York, “There can be an immense amount of pressure, as it is the segment of the application process that the students are sometimes most challenged by and while taking a glimpse at a blank piece of paper and they do not know where to get started.”

    College Admission Essay Help

    The statement of these experts clearly reinforces the fact that the students often find difficulty in making the essay statements that are concise, congenial, honest, coherent, and accurate. Their struggle eventually cost them one of a lifetime opportunities to seek admission to top college and forge a path towards a bright future. That is the point, where essay help from the essay writers of a specialized agency can turn the table in your favor.

    The intervention of the writers who have already submitted thousands college admission essays across the world would help in presenting the intellectual understanding, the vivid details as well as the anecdotes to impress the admissions officer right in the first reading. Besides, the service would feature precise editing chops and word by word proofreading to make sure that your essay submission not only reflect a strong statement, but also a draft immune to mistakes.

    Getting Started with the Work…

    One of the ideal times to kickstart your essay work is recommended to be the summer before the senior year. It is considered as the perfect period when the homework and the co-curricular activities would not drain out your time and mental energy and you will have adequate amount of time to plan and execute the essay requirements as per the provided instructions and ensure a quality work before the deadline. The best part of hiring online essay help from a trusted agency would make sure that you can commence the work anytime in the year starting from November, when most of the colleges start their admission procedures for the subsequent year. The services are offered within the budget affordable to the students and any number of orders can be finished with respect to the multiple applications that you are sending to different colleges.

    What is the Length of College Admission Essay Should Be?

    As far as the word limit is concerned, there is no specific restriction for the minimum and maximum length, and it tend to vary as per the admission policies put forth every year by different colleges. Yet, we can say that the suggested cap would be somehow in between 650 to 1,000 words. Well, the length is certainly restricted, and you are required to demonstrate your caliber of playing with words within the prescribed word limit only. You are required to be expressive, subjective and ensure full justification with the answer being asked in the given title. If there is a requirement for shorter institution-specific type supplemental essay, then the word length would typically be around 250 to 300 words.

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    How is the Right College Essay Topic Chosen?

    The first and most important step associated with essay writing process is successfully figuring out what to precisely write about. When it comes to writing a prudent college application, then several essay prompts tend to be referred. Barron quotes again, “the essay prompts are usually wide-range, open-ended questions, in which the students enjoy the freedom of writing about an array of topics.”

    “The process of college admission essay writing is not about penning down your autobiography. It is nothing short of overwhelming to think that you can narrate your whole life in one essay,” notes Mimi Doe, the co-founder of Top Tier Admissions, a popular advising company based in Massachusetts.

    It is always suggestive to the students to keep their focus on a particular experience, quirk or hobby that successfully reveals something personal. Try to emphasize on what you think, what are your core values and strengths. Even if you are writing down an essay revolving around a common topic, then also it can be made appealing if done right. It is essential that whatever you have written, is indeed thoughtful and shares a story defining who a student is as a person.

    The topic chosen by you ought to tell the college admissions officers something that they are not familiar with. You should mention something that has not been mentioned anywhere else in the entire application, or activities sections.

    Writing Down the College Admission Essay

    Create a proper outline for the essay before jumping into the real work of writing. “There is no hard and fast rule, all you are required to do is write down your own process. The first draft is never expected (or required) to be perfect, just conduct a brain dump! You are not required to edit the draft at this stage, simply lay it all out on the given page,” says Sara Newhouse, the vice president of the department of admission and financial aid at Birmingham-Southern College located in Alabama.

    If you are having a tough time beginning with a sentence, always try to use the opening sentence as a hook to bait the attention of the reader. For instance, “I first stepped up into the arena of politics the day my school cafeteria outlawed apple pie.” “Now you got my attention, and I am interested”, the essay marker would think! But it should not be a perfect hook revealing everything! The opening lines should never result in the negligence of the worth of the rest of the essay.

    It is always recommended to seek professional essay writing services from the experts to craft down the essay with proper framework. Just get in touch with the right source and you can finish any number of SOP orders within the prescribed deadline with complete peace of mind.

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    Editing and Submission

    One of the key objectives of college admission essay is to learn about the personality traits of the student seeking admission in the respective institute. But that does not mean that you will be exonerated from the loopholes prevailing in the writing skills. It is always recommended that you work upon multiple drafts before finalizing one, and then send it for editing purpose. It is strongly recommended that you get the editing job done from a professional editor. The evaluation of your work done by a third person will always help you realize where you work stands and see if there is necessary polishing required in structuring, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

    If you are writing the admission essay yourself, then it is essential for you to make sure that the editing work does not change (or compromise) with the tone of the essay. If you are presenting your inner voice on the page, then please do not let anyone edit the same. Remember, no one, not even the most professional editor or proofreader can substitute the emotion or inner voice coming straight from the core of your heart.

    Please Do Not Just Recount but Reflect!

    Whatever you are writing down for the essay, it ought to have an influence on your life. It could be an experience, a movie, a book, or a person. It is not merely about retelling how you won the big game, or rather the summer that you spent in Amsterdam. It is also about recalling these events, and you are required to deliver more than the itinerary. Describe your learning and how it transformed you as a human being.

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    The Borderline of Being Funny!

    The taste of humor is not bad…but it is a very delicate thread on which you ought to be beware not to fall on the other side of the line. What do you think funny might not be a laughable stuff for an adult admissions officer working in a college? Never try to act like a clown, you are not writing the draft to entertain someone, and no essay marker is expecting it out of you. Always be extra careful against the one-liners, limericks, or anything off-color in nature.

    Early Bird Catches the Worm

    Irrespective of the fact whether you are submitting a self-made essay, or the work completed under the supervision of an admission essay help agency, always try to start as early as possible and finish it as soon as possible prior to the deadline date. The reason is that it will provide you additional few days to ensure self-introspect. Read all the pages of your essay draft again and again, word by word after a few days. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the admissions officer supposed to check your work. Are you still finding the essay interesting after the passage of a few days? Do you find the flow of ideas logical enough to encourage the statements again and again? What does it say about the applicant?

    No Repetition Please…

    Whichever fact or information that you have included in your application essay, personal statement, or statement of purpose should not contradict with any other portion of your application. Besides, it should not be repeated again and again under any circumstance. It is certainly not a place to enlist the number of awards received by you, nor shall it discuss your test scores or grades.

    Answer the Question that has been Asked!

    It is always advisable not to reuse an answer to a question that is identical to the one from another application. The words mentioned in your admission essay assignment should echo the virtue of your character, but at the same time it ought to be revolving around the question that has been asked. Your answer should never deviate from the crux of the statement and the introduction, the body and the conclusion should justify an apt reply to the given question.

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    It is firmly believed that the steps that we have discussed above would have enlightened you in all sense. We have ensured to make our approach comprehensive enough to help you realize what can be done right from planning to the submission of the college admission essay. In case, you are keen to acquire professional essay writing help for any college admission stage, go for SOP Help or editing and proofreading services from an agency with a successfully maintained track record for years. Visit Thoughtful Minds and get a free quote to write perfect college admission essay from the smartest writers of the industry.