WordPress Security Risks To Avoid

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WordPress is undoubtedly the best content management system used for template website development and blogging. It is an open source software that is free, easy and provides several amazing features. Hiring a WordPress development company in India is also a good option for website development.

However, it is a great option to develop attractive and effective websites, it has some hidden security risks that you must know and avoid.

Though WordPress keeps updating the platform to provide a safe and secure environment for template website development, but the top security risks you must be aware of are –

Attacks and Hacking:

The structure of website developed in WordPress has chances of attacks. Hackers could use harmful URL parameters to attain database content that are sensitive. This process is called SQL injection attacks. After getting this information, hackers can hijack the website and can replace the website content with spam.

The WordPress development company in India modifies .htaccess file to protect the website from attackers. This file is a configuration file that controls the behavior of the hosting server.

Free Themes can Exploit Security:

The top reasons of using WordPress for template website development is that it is free and provides the option to download many free themes. Themes help in providing appealing and attractive look to the website. But there are some themes that are linked to malware files and can affect the website once installed.

Hence, WordPress development company in India have technical experts who are aware of it and download files from trusted source. Paid themes can also be chosen as they have less risk of security and spam than the themes that are free. Free themes can also be chosen but make sure to scan them for viruses before you upload them. This will protect your websites from attacks and template website development can be easily done.

Default Login:

All the dashboard logins of WordPress are present at the same location across URLs. This means that you can find the login page of almost all WordPress over here. The default settings of WordPress do not allow secure logins. Any website that runs on WordPress can have a brute force attack, where the bot programs use various combinations to login with the hope that any of the combinations could help them to login and access the website.

According to WordPress development company in India, there are plugins available that can be installed to protect websites. Additionally, IP addresses that try to make failed attempts of login multiple times can be blocked with the help of web hosts.

Following these tips could be beneficial for template website development in WordPress. Your time and effort will be worthy.

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