Which are the Leading Universities in the World to Study Sociology in 2021?

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When students are ready to kickstart their academic journey to higher studies, the obvious question that reflects in the eyes of their parents would be, “which career stream you are about to opt?” And when the students say that, they are thinking about majoring in sociology, the first thought that crosses the minds of the parents would be, “what are you going to do with that?”

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Since the inception of career prospects through education, sociology has always been on the receiving end of the criticism for not generating enough opportunities for students. But it is certainly far from the truth. The subject of sociology is not known for its practical implications, but with in-depth understanding, the degree can turn out to be a passport to access nearly all forms of industries.

A degree in sociology can cement a strong foundation for the graduate studies and a degree in the right subject from the right institute can make your job hunt a lot easier. Here, we are going to shed some light on the top universities that you can choose for different subjects of sociology and how studying in that country (or university) can give you an edge in the year 2021. But prior to that, let us see how sociology could prepare you prudently for today’s global job market scenario.

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Top Learning Outcomes for Industry Graduate’s Jobs

  • Critical Reasoning and Problem-Solving Skills: The subject helps you to learn how to analyse the assimilated data and fetch valuable insights out of it. The skills are useful for human resource specialists, and lawyers.
  • Communication Skills: What you are telling is important, but how you are telling is equally important. Adapting your communication skills to a variety of audience will help you boost your verbal and writing prowess. It is a decisive skill if you are exploring a job as a teacher or school counsellor, public relations specialist, etc.  
  • Data Accumulation and Analysis: Most of the sociology topics are rooted in social science research and it is not possible to generalize without data. In today’s market prospects, it more belongs to the budget management or acceleration in sales output. The skill is common in sociologists, and market research analysts.
  • Leadership Skills: A leader can function quietly behind the scene or guide others by leading from the front. The process of active engagement with the peers’ while dealing with different sociology questions and answers, tends to hone the leadership qualities among the students. The skill is helpful if you wish to pursue a career as Higher Education Administrator or Student Affairs Administrator.
  • Cross-cultural and Interpersonal Skills: Understanding other people is an art, irrespective of the language, background, and ethos. Students studying these skills never exist in a vacuum and know how to be more responsive and adaptive to people. Students possessing these skills can function as community health worker, social worker, translator as well as international aid and development worker.
  • Research and Investigation Skills: It is about supporting the claim with correct fact when everyone is getting bombarded with information. The skills are extremely helpful if you wish to pursue a career in the form of a writer or a journalist. Additionally, it can open the doors of potential career opportunities for social science research assistants. Learn some interesting facts about how the right Internet research services and skills can make a difference for you.

Studying Sociology from the Best Universities of the World in 2021

The university rankings across the globe tend to fluctuate in a subject like sociology. The rankings are based on the total number of placement opportunities received by the students after the completion of the degree, the variety of course offered in sociology, the total number of research papers submitted annually, etc.

Here, instead of covering the names in terms of ranking, we are going to cover the premier names country and continent wise with broad suggestions to look forward to by whichever place you wish to study. Thereafter, we are going to point out how you could cruise these courses with best grades via sociology research paper and assignment writing services.

Universities in Australia

While studying sociology in Australia, The Australian National University, The University of Melbourne, and the University of Sydney can be found to be consistently ranked among the premier centres for education in various departments of sociology. These universities are considered best in Australia for degrees in criminology, cross-cultural and applied linguistics, development studies, socio-legal studies, etc.

Universities in Canada

Studying sociology in Canada would offer a wide variety of courses from the famous University of Toronto including Classical Sociological Theory, Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Sociology, Political Sociology, Stratification and Markets, Immigration, Culture, Gender and Health, etc.

Universities in Europe

There are some of the prestigious universities in Europe offering specialized courses in various branches of sociology. Most of the leading names are in the UK with University of Oxford, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), University of Cambridge, University of Manchester and King’s College London being the most revered names. Some of the popular courses in these universities include War Studies and Philosophy, Criminology and Criminal Psychology, Social Anthropology and Philosophy, etc.

If you prefer to study sociology within Europe but outside the UK, then University of Amsterdam in Netherlands and Freie Universitaet Berlin in Germany are the popular names that you can deeply explore.

Universities in India

India is considered among the favorite destinations for sociology study in South Asia. Some of the renowned names dedicated to MA and BA courses to study sociology in India include St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi, Nizam College, Hyderabad, etc.

Universities in Singapore

In the last one decade, Singapore has emerged as one of the hottest destinations for overseas learning for students. If you are keen to study sociology in Singapore, then National University of Singapore (NUS) is one name that is highly recommended. Some of the leading sociology programs offered by the university include Urban Mobility, Family, Demography and Inequality, Comparative Historical Sociology, Anthropology, etc.

Universities in the United States

Your decision to study sociology from the United States would leave you with plethora of options. The list would include the names like Harvard University, University of California, Berkeley (UCB), Stanford University, Columbia University, University of Chicago, Princeton University, University of Michigan, etc. Some of the popular courses offered include US Social Services, Qualitative Research Methods, Sociology of Law and Social Inequality, Cultural and Social Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Social Psychology, Virtual Communities (Social Media), etc.


A degree in sociology is going to open doors to not one but multiple avenues. Some of the top study destinations mentioned above are going to test your skills and prowess in the subject through multiple homework assignments and projects. To pass your sociology degree with excellent grades, you can take paid sociology assignment help from a reputed sociology assignment writing agency at discounted student-friendly rates.

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