What are the examples of good website design in Jaipur, India?

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There is a large abundance in the number of well designed websites and even though they are dazzling and easy to use, each website has its own style and uniqueness. So how can a person distinguish a good quality and a bad quality website? Even though two websites may look the same, there are some features that are common to every properly and well designed websites. Here are some of the common features suggested by Thoughtful Minds, ( that makes it the best website development company in Jaipur, India) that you should look out for in well designed and pleasing websites on the internet.


  • Proper user experience

This factor is necessary for the success of any type of website. Having a smooth and proper user experience is necessary for any type of well designed website. To ensure a proper user experience, it is necessary that the website should be well navigated by incorporating proper usage of links, images, texts and the designers should ensure that the website should be easy to handle and navigate, even for first time visitors. Even if you have a deep page web architecture ensure to add links to each page of the website for satisfactory user experience. Also, for proper website experience make sure that the website designs do not intimidate the user as it can easily disinterest them.


  • Good amount of white space

The main reason why many websites fail to impress visitor’s id the fact that there is not enough space for breaks and airiness for the content. In the end, the content looks congested and crammed up in the website. It is true that the website should be able to share the message and content but it does not mean that it should contain a large amount of content that makes the website look crowded. This in fact can have an opposite effect, thus intimidating the user. There are many ways to make the website look wide and spacious; these include methods such as increasing the width and height of the text body and separating the titles, headings and sub titles with appropriate spacing. This helps the website look better and easily understandable to the user.

  • Cool colors

Selecting the right color scheme for the website can prove to be a tricky option for the website. Either it can impress a lot of visitors and garner more visits or it can have an opposite effect and end up intimidating the visitors, thus reducing the number of visits. Try to emphasize various contents and texts using certain colors and shades so as to emphasize their importance. For better effect, it is advised that the company logo should be made up of primary and secondary colors so as to look more eye-catching and attractive to the customers. Try to include subtle colors that can grab the attention of the visitors.


  • Good font choices

Try not to use unprofessional and childish fonts such as Comic Sans, this can reduce the impact of the website content and can unimpress the visitor. Try to use at most 2 fonts, so as to prevent confusion to the user. These two fonts should be used for the content and the heading of the website.

By following these steps, you can ultimately define your website thus making it different from the rest of the websites present. If you are in search of the best website development company in Jaipur, India that holds the strongest portfolio and that is ranked No.1 in digital marketing services in India along with content writing services in India, then Thoughtful Minds is the company you should move forward to.

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