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Making the Web Designing Mistakes Again and Again? Let an Expert do it for you!

If you believe that websites are merely nothing but a few bunch of pages rendering online info then you cannot be more wrong. It is discrete identity of your brand and business in the online market and how much business it can earn directly depend on the functioning ability of your website. This is the reason why if you are not having a website that you can trust upon then the chances are least that you could ever survive in the online market.

If you’re commercial dynamic website is not adequate enough to attract the desired amount of traffic then it is an ideal time to find the faults associated with it. Some of the genuine mistakes that are committed by the designers while creating a website meant for the business purposes are highlighted below-

Design as per user: It is an undeniable fact. The designing of your website must be in accordance to the preferences of your target audience. The strategy of designing a website revolves around the same. For instance, if your objective is to attract the users of the older age group then it is inevitable to keep the fonts of the website large in terms of size. On the other hand, if your target is to allure youth then it is imperative to design a website which is compatible to the Smartphone platforms.

Ask your designer not to be flashy but smart: With the presence of flashy design or buffering videos and images you can definitely astonish users but cannot meet the purpose of smart buyers. The website should be rich in terms of content and information with fast navigation tabs than can drive the user to the desired destination from the home page in no time. Be sure that the design of your website is highly compatible with the wireless devices and does not contain flashy or hard to browse stuff.

The action call: How you wish to earn the business out of your site? The designing of your website should be in such a manner that the target user can easily understand what to do next. Highly sophisticated website will only navigate them away from the page. This is the reason why it is significant that both you and you target user can understand the objective of the business website. Is it there so that the buyer can directly order and buy the product out of your website? Or do you wish that the user just place a quote or contact you? Is the motive of the website is merely allowing user to subscribe to your e-newsletter?

What are you paying and to whom? If you are thinking that just by paying some huge amount to a major agency you will get the finest business website then think again! If you wish to acquire instant return on investment (ROI) as most of the small and medium companies do then expensive designing agencies are not the right choice for you. On the other hand, cheap web designers will certainly blow-up the purpose and functionality of your business website.

Obsolete Content: The design is not sufficient; the quality and to-the-date content is equally important. This is the reason why it is important to avail the services of best web designing company India that can not only offer you affordable designing but can also fulfill your needs of quality rich content. A content; which is professional enough to magnetize the search engine crawlers and target audience in no time.

Why the services of Thoughtful Minds Web Services?

Our expertise in Photoshop:

Our in-house Photoshop designers understand the requirements of the client in no time and customize the features in accordance to the same. We can easily fulfill all the advanced features and services required in Adobe Photoshop including streamlined interface, Enhanced Vanishing Point, Layer Tweaking, Content Aware Patch Tool, Smart Filters, Refine Edge Tools, Crop tools, Enhanced camera Raw Dialogue, The Pen Tool, Lighting Effects, and a lot more.
Here, you can acquire well refined and high quality images within the time frame of deadline at the most economical rates. We have professional command over all the popular and successful formats including JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PSD, RAW, EPS, GIF and PDF.

The CorelDraw services that you will always look forward to

If you wish to acquire exemplary results in the designing of the souvenirs, banners and lavishing posters then you cannot find a better option than The CorelDraw. If you are looking for the ethical CorelDraw Designers in the market to fulfill all your business needs then we are here to offer you a one-stop solution.

It is fully assured that right from the first step of setting up the layout format till the conclusive step of saving the file in the CDR format, you will find every step to be flawless and far better than you have ever expected.


In today’s competitive market, it is always essential to attract the target segment of buyers with something new and unique on timely basis. If we throw some light on the contemporary market research then we will find that the presentations and advertisements based on animations actually boost a company’s marketing opportunities than its competitors.

It doesn’t matter whether your preference is to go for image based animation, video animation (2D, 3D, illustrative, stop-motion or clay animation) or something else, here at Thoughtful Minds Web Services we enjoy a tidy track record of the best and prolific animation in the market.

Multimedia Services:

Have you ever wondered why an image incorporates thousands of stories literally in it? It is basically due to the fact that it is an integral segment of multimedia and in today’s digital world you can utilize the power of multimedia in numerous ways for the benefit of your business.

Multimedia is basically a perfect homogeneous blend of various media tools like texts, videos, animations, graphics, interactivity and voice. It is a fact that an ordinary multimedia presentation can bring profit to your company and if it is offered by a professional multimedia service agency in India like us then it will work wonders for you.

A wide range of multimedia solutions offered at Thoughtful Minds Web Services are mentioned below-

a) Corporate Presentations

b) Marketing Presentations

c) Marketing Collateral Kits

d) Interactive Presentations

e) Product Demo

f) Product Walkthrough

g) Documentaries

h) WBTs and CBTs

i) CD-Rom Publishing

j) Event Archrivals

k) Content Localization

l) Professional Video Shoot

m) Professional Audio or Voice-Over

n) And of course, any other customized need by our client

Logo Designing Services:

Logo is not a piece of symbol or a work of innovative imaging but it is the nucleus around which the fundamentals, policies and strategies, mission, vision and the dreams of your corporation revolve. The best logo designing is such that whenever a target user, a potential stakeholder, or government bodies have a look onto it, they could simply understand all about the company within a fraction of a second. This is the power of professional logo designing and our in-house popular logo designers operate with the same motive.

Here at Thoughtful Minds Web Services, we believe in conducting brainstorming sessions with our clients and understand their needs and anticipations. After deciding onto an affordable budget, we proceed to original logo designing after deep-root understanding of the company.

An immense numbers of companies already benefited with our organic logo designing services and it is your turn now to avail the same.