We volunteer in India- NGO Website Development


We volunteer in India- NGO Website Development

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Introduction – NGO website development

Features –

The website of We Volunteer in India has following features:

    • Full width slider images giving great visual effect
    • Videos section on homepage showing the activities
    • Section on homepage showing testimonials of the customers
    • Divisions on homepage showing the services of the company and having links to the specific pages.
    • Option on homepage to apply for volunteering for easy access to the interested visitors
    • Fully responsive and customized site


The site of We Volunteer in India is based on Php technology and developed on WordPress platform.

Days to complete

For the development of NGO website, 7 working days are required. The testing process needs 3 working days. Overall, the complete website development needs 10 working days.

Contact details:

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Also know about the Company We Volunteer in India:

The foundation of AVI took place in 2008 in co-operation with two former Swedish volunteers – Gunilla Hillergren and Signhild Ornberg. Best opportunities of volunteering along with the unique option of home stay are offered by the AVI which is a type of voluntary organization. AVI never asks for money and factor makes it unique. Instead, volunteers are provided with the opportunity so that they can help the needy people by living with them and understanding their problems.
This serves as the key reason why hundreds of the volunteers prefer to be in touch with AVI even after going back to their countries i.e. USA, Sweden, Australia, Spain etc., after their volunteer work.