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Video CV Banwao

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Introduction – Human Resource website development

Features –

The website of Video CV Banwao has following features:

  • Home page with full width slider having video in it
  • Testimonials on homepage showing experience of clients
  • Sample video option on site
  • Section on homepage showing steps of to proceed for making video CV to provide details to the visitors.
  • Products section with videos for Individuals, businessmen as well as artists/actors and an inquiry form for easy access so that the interested visitors can send an inquiry directly
  • Sample video section showing the videos made the company
  • Fully responsive and optimized site


The site of Video CV Banwao is based on Php technology and developed on WordPress platform.

Days to complete

This is the crucial section for all the clients as they want to know how long it takes for their business to be online. We need 7 working days for completing the site and 3 working days for testing. Overall, 10 working days are required for the completion of website.

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Also know about the Company Video CV banwao:

ABACUS Consultants is one of the leading companies in Jaipur that has become the specialists of CV and has the experience of more than 17 years of hiring the PAN India on the foremost domains. Videocvbanwao is the joint venture of Abacus consultants and that has introduced the Video CV concept in which one can personally represent himself in an effective and exclusive manner.

For all those who are in search of jobs, videocvbanwao brings an amazing concept through which they can find better job options by expressing themselves as well as their profiles in an effective manner. Not just the job seekers can get benefit from the concept of video CV but those who are running business or those who are looking for ways to submit their assignments world-wide can have an effective as well as impressive representation of their work.