Top Ten Mistakes To Avoid In WordPress Website Development

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Top Ten Mistakes To Avoid In WordPress Website Development - Header - ThoughtfulMinds

WordPress is the most famous Content Management System (CMS). It provides various themes and plugins for template website development. But unfortunately, all these plugins and themes are not good for websites. They might cause conflict and can affect the loading speed of the site. There are many WordPress development company in India that can develop great website for you at an affordable price.

Let us look at top ten points for a strong and safe template website development –

#1 Security Issues:

In WordPress websites it is important that you regularly update your passwords. Never use the default “admin”. Keep updating your blogs make backups regularly. You can use cPanel in database for backups. Hiring a WordPress development company in India for template website development will be helpful as their experienced developers develop safe and secure websites.

#2 Themes and Plugins Must be From Trusted Source:

WordPress provides several themes and plugins that are available for free. But not all of them are from trusted source. These themes and plugins can harm your website and can send out spams too. Hence, WordPress development company in India suggests reading the review and check the number of downloads it has. Buying commercial themes is also a good idea for a safe for template website development.

#3 Several Plugins:

The greatest advantage of using WordPress for template website development is the plugins. But, using too many plugins for a website can cause conflict between some of the plugins. It will also slow down the website.

#4 One After Another Long Blog Post:

According to many WordPress development company in India, a common mistake that most developers make in website development is that they write many long blogs one after the other making the page scroll endlessly. What can be done here is, use <!–more–> tag in post. So only the text before this tag will be displayed.

 #5 Editing Files in WordPress Without Having the Coding Knowledge:

Editing WordPress files with no knowledge of coding can have a negative impact on the website. You can always take help of an expert developer for this.

#6 Contrasting Font and Background Color:

Another common mistake people often commit is using contrast font and background color which makes it difficult to read the content. You can use Black on White, instead of Yellow on White.

#7 Font Size and Font Family:

You will see in some websites the font size is so small that you struggle to read it. Do not make this same mistake in your website. Additionally, use formal fonts instead of too many fancy fonts. Make your website reader friendly.

#8 Too Many External CSS Files:

Instead of having too many CSS files, its better to have a single large file, this will also not affect the loading speed of the site.

#9 Images and Videos:

It is good to use quality images to engage and attract customers. However, using too many images and videos could be frustrating for readers. This also slows down the website. Use relevant images and videos.

#10 Correct Format of the Image:

It is recommended to use JPEG images. CSS can also be used to create images.

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