Top 50 Literature Dissertation Topics Prevalent in the Year 2021

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When we voyage into the subjects of the academics capable of developing the human psyche, we find literature among the ones with contested terms. It is primarily because, with the advent of the new mediums for communication, there is accessibility to different versions than the contemporary literature. But yes, irrespective of the medium of literary communication, the writing is always defined and judged in terms of the artistic merit.

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    While speaking in layman’s term, literature is a body of the compiled written works of one artist/ author, or a group of artists/ authors sharing the same vision or thought. These works might be presented in the form of novels, non-fiction, plays, poetry, and not to mention, various other forms. The prose of literature can be classified into diverse sects, in terms of language, historical period, national origin, genre and the subject matter.


    A career in literature has opened new avenues of opportunities in the recent times. Gone are the days, when the stream of career opportunity in literature was limited to teaching only. Now, a degree in literature can unlock career paths in media and journalism, publishing houses, advertisement and public relations, Internet and social media marketing agencies, theater and acting. A degree in literature from a prestigious university can mark as the first step towards the dream job in any one or more of these streams.

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    The Scope of Literature to Boost Our Career Prospects

    Literature is widely regarded as a unique medium of human expression. Things that are not even expressed, organized, or written down in terms of words do fall in the category of literature. Certain classifications of literature could be acclaimed as an art if they can pass certain artistic merits. It can be attained by a writer or an artist even if he or she is not intended to pursue the same.

    • The purest form of literature is classified in terms of lyric poem, subsequently followed by epic, elegiac, narrative, dramatic and expository verse. The simple rule is that a poetry that fails as a literature cannot be classified as poetry, but rather verse. The same principle is applicable to the novels and dramas. Only a few of them are hailed as literature, and thousands of them are not.
    • There are certain historians who consider history as a form of literary art. Especially, the ones with a Greek inclination of thought. But the matter of the fact is that most of the historical works were not written with an intention of being classified as literary excellence later. Even if a few of them possess that finesse, it is purely by accident.
    • The essay writing is widely regarded as an integral part of literature. Yet, when we speak in terms of the contemporary era, then most of the essays are written in an expository, informative journalism pattern. Yes, there are essayists of the twentieth century who still consider themselves to be a part of a great tradition and wish to be sorted in the leagues of artists. Most of them are functioning as the critics of the contemporary literature, art, and drama.
    • It is noteworthy that some of the personal documents of the individuals, such as diaries, letters, memoirs, and autobiographies are treasured among the greatest pieces of literary works. Some of these works were penned down with posterity in mind, while others with no thought of them being read by anybody else but the writer. Few of these works are engraved in texts in a refined literary style, while others couched in a privately acquired language. Still, they secure their presence in a pivotal league of literature due to their cogency, depth, insight, and historical validity.
    • There are several works in the field of philosophy that are termed as literature. It can be the dialogues of Plato inscribed during the 4th Century BC or the collection of the random thoughts of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius during the 2nd century. It is primarily because they are prosed with great narrative skills.
    • Oratory is an art of persuasion and widely regarded as a great literary art. Right from Cicero, the great orator of Rome to the popular Gettysburg Address delivered by Abraham Lincoln, our history is filled with the greatest examples of oration for the generations to follow. There are people who prefer to believe oratory to be more of a craft than an art. But there are many contemporary literary critics who think otherwise. There are indeed courses in oratory offered to the students who wish to pursue a career in politics, journalism, and public relations.

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    What are We Trying to Achieve by Sharing this List?

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    Top 50 Literature Dissertation Topics you can Look Forward to in the 2021 Assignment Submissions

    Now with that, let us look at the top 50 dissertation assignment topics that have been selected for the running year by our expert researchers and editors. Indeed, we have bifurcated the dissertation topics into further literary categories for the ease of selection. Let us look at them one after the other, as listed below –

    • Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Literature Topics for Dissertation
    1. The Bible and John Milton
    1. Samuel Taylor Coleridge: The Issue with Aesthetic
    1. Poetry of John Donne: the Love, the Loss, and Geographical Imagination
    1. Stendhal on onset of Consumerism
    1. The Accuracy of Historical Events in the Historical Novels
    1. The Influence of Literature During the Renaissance Era
    • Nineteenth Century Literature Topics for Dissertation
    1. Loss of Love in 1912-13 Poems of Thomas Hardy
    1. George Eliot and His Religious Doubt
    1. Edward Bulwer-Lytton and His Approach Towards Metaphysical Tradition
    1. The Significance of Costume in the Works of Charles Dickens
    1. George Ruskin and the Heritage
    1. The Representation of Gender in the Gothic Novels
    • Twentieth Century Literature Topics for Dissertation
    1. The Use of Water Imagery in the Works of Virginia Woolf
    1. Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes: A Study About Contrast and Similarity
    1. ‘Daring to Break the Convention’- The Tragedy by Sylvia Plath
    1. Freud and the Early Modernism
    1. The Travel Writings of Jack Kerouac
    1. Circular Narrative Structure Used by May Sinclair
    • Interdisciplinary Subjects Topics for Dissertation
    1. The Role of Science in the Nineteenth Century Novel
    1. Astronomy and Poetic Imagination of Nineteenth Century
    1. What is the Role and Significance of Philosophy in Literature
    1. Archaeology and English Literature: Crossing Over the Disciplinary Boundaries
    1. ‘The Remains of the Day’ by Kazuo Ishiguro: Memories and Perception
    1. The Twilight Series: A Sociolinguistic Analysis
    • Identity and Place Literature Topics for Dissertation
    1. The Changing Landscapes: The Representation of Urban/ Rural Divide Since 1900
    1. The Influence of the ‘Enclosure’ on Poetry of the Romantics
    1. The Change in the Portrayal of the City Living Ever Since 1900
    1. Post-Colonial Literature: Place, Identity and Narrative
    1. The Depiction of Settler Nationhood and Wilderness in the Fiction and Poetry of North America
    1. The Depiction of the Sussex Landscape by D. H. Lawrence
    • Children’s Literature Topics for Dissertation
    1. Where Would the Modern Readers be with No J. K. Rowling?
    1. Fabulous Beasts: The Imagery of Tolkien and J. K Rowling
    1. Animals and Their Role in the Literature of Children Since 1900
    1. Roald Dahl, the Sublime and the Ridiculous
    1. How to Help Children Learn Through Their Storybooks?
    1. A Historical Analysis of the Origins of Literature for Children
    • Post-colonialism and Literature Topics for Dissertation
    1. How British and French Colonialism Influenced the Literature of the Natives?
    1. How the Contemporary Black Literature Influenced the Recent Black Lives Matter Movement?
    1. How the Politics in Fiction Presented Post-Colonial Indian Subcontinent?
    1. How the Roles of Genders Changed in the Literature of the Post-Colonial Africa?
    1. Criticism vs Symbolism: Differences Between Post-Colonial Literature Works
    1. How Religion and Politics Influenced the Literary Works of Post-Colonial India?
    • Eco Literature Topics for Dissertation
    1. Female Masculinity in Literature Safeguarding the Environment
    1. ‘The Snow Leopard’ by Peter Matthiessen: An Intersection Between Spiritual and Eco Narratives
    1. Climate Change/ Vegan Activism: Eco-criticism by Some of the Renowned Personalities 
    1. Eco-criticism of China in Literary Factions Amid Covid-19 Pandemic
    1. ‘Night of the Leopard’ by Ruskin Bond: A Relationship Between Humans and Animals
    1. How Lab-grown Meat is a Suitable Weapon to Combat the Climate Crisis?
    1. How Environmental Literature can Make Children More Sensitive Towards Their Environment?
    1. ‘The World Without Us’ by Alan Weisman: A Nightmare Scenario or A Promising Start?
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