Top 100 Management Dissertation Topics Trending in the Year 2021

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The field of management is one of the broadest and most career-oriented fields for higher studies.  The key function of effective business management is to successfully attain organizational goals in a smart and efficient manner. Goals and strategies are driven through coordinated planning, staffing, organizing, directing, and controlling of the organizational resources. The organizational resources around which the core functions of management revolve include manpower, machines, capital, and materials. The assignment help offered to the management students to successfully clear their degrees, tend to revolve around these topics only.

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    The assignments allotted in management courses are meant to improve the in-depth knowledge and understanding of the student in terms of the associated sector. The process of penning down the right content based upon the right topic can help form the most coherent submission draft pointing onto all the essentials. The key objective of offering free assignment writing services in the form of management assignment topic recommendation is to help the students focus more on quality content and analyzing university marking rubric requirements.

    While preparing the dissertation help topics for our management students, we have taken extra care to cover the most comprehensive domains of management as possible. It does not matter whether your homework help requirements are related to strategic management, human resource management, risk management, and reputation management. Or even marketing management, organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, project management or international business, our recommended list of topics would help you cover the concerned course assignment homework effortlessly. The best part is that these management assignment topics can be customized as per different assignment writing formats. 

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    What are We Trying to Achieve from the Recommended List of Management Topics?

    Being the leading online assignment help agency serving management students globally for the last 15 years, we know how complex and challenging the business management assignments can turn out.  The process of writing business management assignment demands plethora of research and analysis.  There is always intense pressure and high anticipations from the students to skillfully demonstrate their knowledge and deep understanding of the business terms and concepts. The students of business management are expected to swiftly and accurately analyze the data to calculate the precision of interpretations and conclusions. It plays a pivotal role in making prudent business-related decisions. 

    We all are well familiar with the fact that the submission date for any homework assignment for higher studies comes with a stiff deadline. Most of the students of management tend to invest their time, efforts, and resources in the wrong direction by getting deeply indulged in topic selection.  Meanwhile, the quality of the content procured, the extensive range of research conducted, due diligence while following assignment writing framework, plagiarism-check, referencing, crisp editing and proofreading carry more weight while conferring the grades. Our motto is to help the students save their time, energy, and resources by suggesting the most favorite management assignment topics trending lately. It helps the students to function smartly and jump straight to the research and writing part.     

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    Top 100 Management Dissertation Topics Recommended for You in 2021

    Now, it the time for us to look at the top 100 management assignment topics handpicked by our research experts after intense brainstorming and frequent consultation of the trending assignment writing norms of the premier b-schools and universities across the globe –

    Government, Business and Society

    • Measuring and accessing the causal relationship between corporate financial performance and corporate social responsibility
    • Is reputation management a prime concern for business leaders to integrate CSR into their business strategies? Discuss the case of Nike
    • How the success stories of female CEOs have transformed the dimensions of businesses around the world?
    • How societal perception influence the governmental decision-making process? A Shell in Niger Delta case study
    • Can governments properly prevent the formulation of the monopolies to curb the unfair practices of large-size corporations? Discuss from the case study of Microsoft
    • An assessment of the health care reforms brought forth by the former US president Obama. The intentions of bringing down the healthcare costs, whilst safeguarding the profitability of insurance companies
    • Emotion management in a business – a success or a failure?
    • The concept of modern workplace v/s remote working culture
    • The creation of shared value- how corporate practices and policies work to improve the competitiveness of a company?
    • Does the government maintenance of high level of transparency and integrity correlate with building an auspicious state of affairs for private sector investment and growth? A case study of Tanzania

    Organizational Leadership

    • Do organizations require to focus on separating management from leadership to achieve effective corporate strategies?
    • Concepts and outcome of Management Audit
    • Does organizational leadership offer the functions of the leadership to an organizationally beneficial degree in comparison of individual charismatic form of leadership?
    • How does the macro and micro viewpoint of leadership offer an insight into smart leadership characteristics necessary to sustain competitiveness onto a continuous basis?
    • Comparing autocratic vs democratic leadership
    • An assessment of the organizational culture impact on leadership decision to organizational reinvention- A case study of Nokia
    • An evaluation of leadership paradigm offering a coexistence for multiple leaders
    • During crisis times, how can leadership redefine the organizational processes as well as leverage institutional and the outside knowledge more prudently?
    • Can the success story of 3M to be attributed into leadership philosophy to build an enterprise equipped with the potential to consistently learn, innovate, and renew?
    • The ever-changing nature of the leadership- Why courage and humility frequently define it in the midst of 21st century?

    Organizational Behavior

    • The influence of the organizational goals on the organizational behavior
    • Improving organizational performance through the principles of strategic human resource management and strategic human capital
    • An assessment of strategy, networks, complexity, and innovation on organizational adaptability
    • What are the merits and demerits of management tendency to allure and recruit the professionals based on organizational patterns of behavior or culture?
    • An evaluation of the ethical behavior, the counter-norms and widely accepted practices nurtured by the organizations: What are the reasons why the professionals knowingly commit some unethical actions?
    • What is the connection between the organizational culture and the national culture? The case study of Brazil
    • Evaluating the connection between the persona of a CEO and the motivation of the employees
    • How technological innovation helps in the survival of an organization during turbulent times? A case analysis of the mobile telecommunication
    • An assessment of appointing a racially minority female CEO over a white male manager on behavioral and intrapsychic responses

    Global Business Environment

    • An assessment of the organizational change management- Why the employees tend to resist the change?
    • Strategies of the small businesses and how they tend to adjust with the changing trends of globalization?
    • The impact of corporate governance over internationalization, globalization, and overall company performance
    • Gender issues and the global gender inequality in work culture and how the professionals deal with it?
    • An assessment of the challenges to safeguard electronic personally recognizable information in global business setup. What are the measures to achieve data protection harmony?
    • Organizational exhaustion of the developed market: Discuss in terms of the decision of Starbucks to enter India
    • How the global influence of climate change affecting the business interests of tourism industry?
    • Is there a need for the corporations to put more emphasis on the corporate diplomacy to enhance negotiation skills for the executives functioning in a volatile business environment?
    • The significance of FDI during difficult economic times and why transitional economies are considered as more reliable for the same than developed economies?
    • The assessment of the methods employed by the countries to promote international competitiveness for the FDI- A case analysis of Sub-Saharan Africa
    • International Framework Agreement and its importance in corporate value chain structure

    Strategic Management

    • What is the role of strategic alliances in promoting global supply chain networks?
    • Building up virtual dominions: A comparative study of the mergers and acquisitions, as well as the strategic alliances in the e-commerce sector- An Amazon and eBay case analysis
    • Discuss different models of the Strategic Human Resource management and how they are influencing the businesses?
    • Discuss the influence of Strategic Knowledge Management in the MNC culture and how does it affect their subsidiaries?
    • Discuss the impact of Strategic Knowledge Management from the performance viewpoint of a manufacturing firm
    • Define the functions and relationships among the strategic orientations, international diversification, performance of organizations and cultural intelligence
    • How does the strategic culture defines the role of leadership in an organization?
    • An evaluation of the regional strategic management in the field of fast-food chain industry: Discuss from the viewpoint of McDonald’s operations in the US, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East
    • An assessment of the origin and the nature of management strategy in influencing the mindset of the people to frequently communicate through social networking sites: A Facebook case study
    • Can the opportunistic, planned, or forced decisions be really termed as a strategy? Discuss by analyzing the merger of Chrysler and Daimler Benz

    International Business Strategy

    • The role of World Bank in the economy at the international level
    • What are the risks and benefits of International Joint Revenue?
    • Exploring the cultural changes: How significant is the feedback in an international/multinational company?
    • Analyzing the organizational export performance by the International Business Competencies
    • An assessment of the factors that influence international differences in the gender pay gap
    • The success of the implementation of Product Life-cycle Management: An investigation of electronics manufacturing industry
    • How can the social media facilitate the rate of acceptance in the international organizations?
    • An assessment of how the push and pull factors combined in order to motivate Tesco to accommodate an internationalization strategy
    • How can the banks improve the international connectivity with the business clients: A HSBC case study
    • Make an evaluation of the entry strategies of the foreign companies into the Android smartphone market of India: A Samsung case study

    Project Management

    • What are the lessons that we can learn about the health crisis management post Chinese Covid-19 pandemic?
    • What are the measures that one can take (or has been taken) to change the work culture post Chinese Covid-19 pandemic?
    • The correlation between influencer marketing and brand dominancy: A LUX case study
    • What is the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on project management?
    • What is the significance of soft skills in an ideal project management?
    • What are the key approaches to hybrid project management?
    • Study the capabilities necessary for the project managers to successfully manage the stakeholder relationships
    • Discuss project management within a multicultural environment and establishing the guides for culture specific consulting
    • Evaluating the critical capabilities of outsourcing as well as offshoring the information systems projects
    • The project management viewpoint on the capacities to deliver merger and acquisitions on budget, on expected synergies, and to timescale the job

    Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    • A study of how the diffusion of technology influenced the online shoppers in the UK
    • How the companies impact innovation and technology within the suppliers: A case of Apple
    • Evaluating the role of social media in terms of global branding: The cases of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
    • What are the bulwarks to profitable/ successful deployment of e-commerce in government enterprises?
    • How innovation is boosting SMEs in South-Asia with the creation of new opportunities?
    • Exploring the opportunities of entrepreneurial innovation in the private sector of China
    • The exploration as well as the exploitation of the knowledge management and intrapreneurship to associate with the competitive dynamics: A Sony PlayStation case analysis
    • Public sector of Malaysia and the evaluation of the leadership role in nurturing organizational culture elements for improving innovation
    • The relationship of innovation between the organization operational capabilities and the market outcome: Analyze Proctor and Gamble case
    • What is the influence of leadership style and team process in terms of innovation and performance in functionally heterogeneous teams?

    Enterprise Risk Management

    • Employee health, work hazards and occupational safety
    • Some of the smartest and effective measures to safeguard the assets in a small business
    • How tactfully financial accounting can prepare an enterprise against natural disasters?
    • Discuss some of the effective risk management tools used in the tourism industry
    • An assessment of the deficiencies in the risk management systems and internal controls in financial institutions: Discuss in terms of the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers
    • How successfully the enterprise risk management system is implemented by the business managers in Mexican gas and oil industry?
    • A comparative assessment of information security and risk management in non-financial SMEs operational in the UK and the US
    • What are the measures that an enterprise can take to prevent financial disasters that occurred because of security breaches?
    • Determining the risk pool within an enterprise due to high risk investments. Are such investments considered to be more profitable or not?
    • An evaluation of the risk management in the decisions made by senior management. A case analysis of the French banks

    Marketing Management

    • The landing pages over the Internet and their impact on marketing
    • The psychology of customers, its assessment, and the function it has in the field of digital marketing
    • Some of the most common mistakes that are committed in the field of email marketing in the present days
    • The emergencies of the new technologies and how they can help with the modern businesses?
    • The impact of social media on the decision making process of the consumers
    • The relevance of pop-up advertisements these days: Are they effective or not?
    • Black Friday sale strategy and its effectiveness to successfully drive sales
    • The role and functions of Influencer Marketing in promoting sales
    • The influence of digital business in terms of the economic growth of a country: The case analysis of XYZ country
    • How critical is brand loyalty in terms of Internet marketing?

    And with that, our marathon list of top 100 management dissertation topics comes to an end. These topics can also be altered and used for case study help, essay help, research paper writing help or thesis help needs related to different assignment writing formats.

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