Top 100 Biology Dissertation Topics for the Year 2021

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Acclaimed Indian inventor Arvind Gupta once quoted, “Biology is the most powerful technology ever created. DNA is software, protein are hardware, cells are factories.” Nothing can more prudently define the crux of this subject. Biology is a fully dedicated, major branch of science dealing with the study of life and its evolution. The branch of natural science that provide opportunities to the most curious brains of mankind to connect with the miracles of the Nature.

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    There are multiple courses dedicated to the subject being offered at the bachelor, masters and PhD/ doctorate levels from prestigious universities and medical colleges and institutions. The study of organisms in both flora and fauna taxonomies helps in gaining more functional information on cells and process them to extract hereditary details encoded in the genes, that can be transmitted into future generations.

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    The term ‘Biology’ has been derived from the Greek words ‘bios’ meaning life and ‘logos’ meaning study. In terms of the academic classification of the modern science, the subject can be broadly divided into 3 major categories i.e., Zoology, Microbiology and Botany. It is one of the most popular subjects in the world, offering a plethora of career opportunities to the students post completion of their respective courses. Of course, it is also one of the most competitive subjects with intense competition when it comes to higher studies. That is the reason why, it is also one of the major subjects in which students constantly demand assignment help online from all over the world.

    The assignments related to different Biology courses are considered to be notorious when it comes to extensive amount of study and research, structured writing and ensuring the submission within a stringent deadline. Most of the students tend to struggle with the selection of the right assignment topic and fuel a big chunk of the available time and energy merely deciding what to write about. Here, our crusade is to help students to smartly overcome this conundrum, and invest the available time, energy, and resources in the right direction.

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    What are We Trying to Achieve?

    Being one of the most successful, respected, and comprehensive assignment writing services agency online, we always look out for the ways through which free assistance and guidance can be offered to the students. We have initiated this movement to help students come across an all-inclusive list of Biology topics that can help students associated with different streams. Irrespective of the fact, which course of bioscience you are pursuing right now, our list of recommended topics are surely going to help in one way or the other.

    While preparing the list of Biology dissertation assignment topics, our researchers have focused primarily on the students pursuing the courses in medicine, nursing, veterinary, pathology, microbiology, botany, genetics, biotechnology, bioengineering, etc. Our sole motto is to help our students conserve time, energy, and resources and channelise them smartly in terms of research, eloquently and well-structured format of content writing, correct referencing, and precise editing chops and proofreading. After all, grade-points are given for how articulately you are inking the assignment from pen to paper, picking the right topic might only add a few brownie points.

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    The List of Top 100 Biology Dissertation Topics Trending Right Now

    The following is the list of 100 dissertation topics for Biology in our efforts to deliver you free dissertation help in terms of selection of the right topic. We fully hope that it would help you save a considerable amount of time and effort. So, let us begin –

    1. How can we protect the most critically endangered species of flora and fauna from extinction with the help of science?
    2. The link between obesity and genetics
    3. After Covid case from China, is there a possibility that Ebola could be used as a biological weapon of future?
    4. Is there a link between the rising environmental issues and the rising cases of cancer?
    5. Where did the humans originate from?
    6. The issue with vaccination: Is it really dangerous for children?
    7. Did the life really existed on Mars?
    8. The most efficient ways to cope with different kinds of viruses
    9. How does our DNA influence our behaviour and lifestyle?
    10. How can we improve our immunity in the safest way?
    11. How human mistakes are interfering with the pollination activities of the birds?
    12. What are the most common viruses and illnesses that can spread into humans through birds?
    13. Which are the dangerous pathogens that originated as a result of misfired scientific experiments?
    14. How threatening the extinction of a single species could dangerously sabotage the entire bio-chain?
    15. What are major challenges countered by the current spread of the rainforest?
    16. Is it really possible to stop the current dangerous development resulted due to the prevailing era of global warming?
    17. Why do the scientists segregate the species into the subgroups and how the classification is carried out?
    18. What are the influences of genes and hormones on the cycle of human development?
    19. What are the reasons behind the occurrence of the ageing process?
    20. Which are the top immuno-diseases that directly attack our body?
    21. What are the views of the patients regarding the policy of the prescription charges? Discuss the possible improvements from the healthcare system of a particular country.
    22. How to enhance the risk factor management in a post stroke condition?
    23. What are the factors responsible for the rising cases of tuberculosis in less developed countries?
    24. To what extent is the genetics responsible for cardiovascular diseases?
    25. What is the recent research in the field of metapneumovirus diagnosis in children in the north-west England?
    26. The United Kingdom has one of the highest rates of asthma around the globe – what are its primary immunopathogenic origins and their clinical implications?
    27. Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases- can the metabolic syndromes prognosticate them?
    28. How the renal disease in childhood spread across the demographies? Conduct a study based upon Brazilian renal registry data
    29. Which are the biophosphonates that can help women with metastatic breast cancer?
    30. What are the most recent practice guidelines and pharmacology associated with various classes of antidepressants?
    31. How to make the drugs safer for children?
    32. Discuss the future of clinical pharmacology?
    33. What are the issues related to teachings of integrative physiology and pharmacology?
    34. What are the most recent studies conducted in the field of behavioural pharmacology?
    35. Discuss the Origin of British Pharmacological Society and what are the current changes undergoing in it?
    36. Discuss the clinical pharmacology of the anti-HIV drugs
    37. What are the core challenges of the cancer drug development research?
    38. What are the haemodynamic impacts of oxytocin in the caesarean section under the spinal anaesthesia?
    39. What are the recent advances in the field of vaccinology?
    40. How small area inequalities are being underestimated in the field of health studies?
    41. Is there a feasibility for the Scottish National Health Demonstration Project to be operationalised through a proper health visiting practice?
    42. Discuss the widespread reach and impact of the Indian ‘Ayurveda’ to successfully cure even the most chronic ailments
    43. How does the measurement and definition of the public health issues impact the policy outcomes?
    44. What are the common challenges faced during public health education and training programs conducted across the United States? How the effective measures for improvement can be taken?
    45. How the schools have an impact over childhood obesity? Conduct a study based upon a country of your choice
    46. Discuss how public health skills and career framework reinforce the competence of the public health
    47. Why there is an urgent need to understand and address the sexual health of adolescents?
    48. What are the potential veterinary flock healthcare plans to improve the productivity of the sheep flocks in Australia?
    49. The role of physiotherapy in effective treatment of animals. Conduct a study based upon the findings and viewpoints of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy (ACPAT).
    50. How can the veterinary medicines be prioritised as per their levels of exposure towards the humans and their levels of toxicity? 
    51. Are human infective antibiotic-resistant bacteria used to create antimicrobial agents for veterinary medicine purposes?
    52. To what extent veterinarians and the practitioners working with companion animals are at the risk of methicillin-resistant?
    53. Discuss the risk factors associated with impaction colic in donkeys
    54. How the collection of accurate data help in the early detection of the foot and mouth disease and prevent it from becoming an epidemic?
    55. Conduct an Australian case study of having utility models to study the foot and mouth disease
    56. Discuss the health risk of infection in pet cats and how to prevent it? Generate a case analysis from the studies in Australia, the United Kingdom and South Africa
    57. How prevention of bovine tuberculosis is essential to the agriculture in Canadian farmland wildlife?
    58. Prepare a literature review on biopsy
    59. The third most common form of cancer is colorectal cancer. What are the primary causes behind it and how to diagnose them?
    60. Prepare a thesis based upon the population genetics of a human pathogen
    61. How is the result of pancreaticoduodenectomy impacted by the hospital volumes?
    62. Is biopsy an essential part of fibroadenoma diagnosis?
    63. Determining the prevalence of the equine polysaccharide storage myopathy
    64. Highlight the expertise of your known paediatric surgical centre over a span of a decade
    65. What does the National External Quality Assessment Scheme stats of the UK displays the technical aspects of the predictive markers for the cases of breast cancer?
    66. What are the common reasons behind chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?
    67. What are the latest advances made in the field of cervix pathology?
    68.  Right from the biological information to the computers, what do you mean by biological database?
    69. What are the effective ways to measure and manage plethora of biological data?
    70. What are the effective ways to extract useful information from the existing data?
    71. How do you screen the diseases with the help of Microarray technology?
    72. How to you design drugs?
    73. Is it true that biomedical science becomes handicapped without IT?
    74. What are the functions of functional genomics and sequence analysis?
    75. What do you understand by the significance of phylogenetic studies?
    76. How the Human Genome Project turned out to become extremely successful?
    77. What are the functions of Bioinformatics to help Biomedical Science?
    78. What are the functions of apoptosis in lymphoma cells and cancer?
    79. What are the complement regulatory proteins and the pathways involved in the complement activation of the diseases?
    80. What is the rate of survival of the large B-cell lymphoma with the applications of profiling at the molecular level?
    81. Is it true that the activation of the T-cell subsets perform an advantageous role in the immune-deficiency diseases? Discuss
    82. Is it true that GPI-anchored molecules successfully modulate the expressions of the proteins in certain types of cancer?
    83. Can the T-helper cells become more efficient in comparison of cytotoxic T cells when it comes to rejection?
    84. What are the reasons that impact the age-associated diminution of immune system?
    85. Can gene mutations offer the answer for the patients in the field of cancer therapy?
    86. Does the transcription of the genes of immunoglobulin perform a part in decline of the immune system in the cancer patients?
    87. Will the combination therapy with the stem cells offer a pathway for treating the patients with specific types of cancer?
    88. Is nanotechnology the foundation pillar of interpreting the role of the cells at molecular level?
    89. Is it true that the application of the nanoparticles help in curing specific types of tumours? Discuss
    90. Is it true that nanotechnology pose a serious challenge to health and environment? Discuss
    91. Will there be a rise in the manufacturing of the nano materials in China in comparison of other countries?
    92. The inhalation of the nanoparticles and the level of toxicity on the body. Discuss
    93. Can the application of the photon detectors effectively respond to the questions associated with space science?
    94. Will the application of nanotech in the field of genome research is going to enhance the standards of health?
    95. Will the application of the nano fibres assist in the field of biomedical research?
    96. Conduct a literature review over the science of cloning
    97. How does the maternal diet impact the overall well-being of the children?
    98. What are the factors that result in the growth rate of hypothyroidism in young adult women?
    99. The relationship of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and the causes of infertility
    100. Discuss the role of forensic dentistry in successfully solving serious crimes in an ethical and legal sense

    And, with that, we have reached the end of our recommended list of top 100 Biology assignment topics from which you can choose the apt one for your next homework submission.

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