Technical Writing Vs Technical Content Writing

With the term technical writing comes two factors in mind: technology and writing. But people confuse technical content writing with technical writing taking these as same. However, these two terms differ a lot from each other with just the word content responsible for all the difference. Here we are going to discuss how these two are different and what common things they share. This will help in better understanding as which service can best fit the demands of your business.

Technical writing:

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Tech world has some unsung heroes- the technical writers. Different audiences are able to understand multifaceted principles, ideas and functionalities with their help. Bigger companies often need the services of expert technical writers having documenting and explaining as their passion. Following are some of the common documents created by technical writers:

  • Technical reports
  • Documentation
  • User manuals
  • Instructions
  • Process manuals etc.

Information delivery serves as the common goal of these texts so readers are able to properly execute particular tasks. The style and tone of technical writing is unique since the target is to provide useful information and not just to entertain.

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Technical content writing:

When we talk about content writing services, the aim is to generate significant content that is goal specific. This is helpful to develop trust, bring traffic on site, drive sales and establish their proficiency. So, content writing services follow proper style and tone to reach potential customers that is significant for businesses. This offers clear understanding about the task of technical content writer. It is to offer content that is relevant and engaging so that sales and marketing goals are achieved by tech industry.

Niche specialization:

Similar to technical writing in which specific industry specialization is there with writer, technical content writing also deals with niche specialization. For instance, the technical content writers can provide services with niche expertise in crypto, software, bio tech, web development etc. This is the reason why services of technical content writers are vital since you cannot expect a general writer to offer exceptionally good technical content that must have in-depth explanation about specific technology.

The two coming together:

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To offer end user with content that is engaging, informative, search engine optimized, instructive, accurate and valuable, both technical writer and technical content writer comes together. One takes care of the technical details while the other help set target in the content to reach potential audience.


Tech world and its businesses need the services of both content writing and technical writing. The users get complex information from both these forms of writing. But they differ in goals. Technical writing intends to facilitate users with information so that they can carry out a particular task. On the other hand, technical content writing directs them for action. At some points, these two overlap with each other that makes it difficult to differentiate the two.

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