Struggling to Score Good Grades Even After Submitting Quality TOK Essay? Learn Which Top Essay Mistakes are to Avoid at Any Cost!

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Imagine you have trained yourself with all the sweat and pain and honed your skills to pen down TOK essays with relevant information, and appropriate statements. You put all possible efforts to combine all the given guidelines, write down the essay work as eloquently as possible and make a timely submission without breaching the given deadline. But when the grades are finally released, you find yourself stunned to receive mediocre to inferior grades, even after making the submission with tireless efforts.

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    Now, you would be wondering, what happened? Nothing can be more painful than your hard work fizzling out unnoticed and you are leaving the semester with despair without being bestowed with the grades that you truly deserve. You consult for essay help from your faculty and ask why it all happened? Well, you would be responded by the fact that you committed certain mistakes in the overall essay draft that proven to be costly and the essay marker/ evaluator had no choice but to curtail the grade points on those grounds.

    TOK Essay mistakes to avoid


    The performance of your submissions is adversely affected by the grievous mistakes that cannot be overlooked. No one can deny the fact that the format of essay writing and submission works upon some of the key principles that cannot be compromised. When mistakes are committed in terms of the violation of these principles, then even an essay submitted with concrete examples, thesis statement and comparative analysis cannot save your work against mediocre to substandard grades.

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    Here, we are going to throw some light over certain misunderstandings that are commonly prevailing amongst the essay writers and that are required to be addressed on time. These misunderstandings related to the nature of the essay are commonly responsible for the inferior grades being awarded for each of the submissions made. Besides, we are also going to understand some of the common elements of essay writing that are extremely prone to mistakes.

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    The Misunderstandings Associated with the Nature of Essay

    The primary objective of writing an essay is to provide the power to the students to decide on their own whether to accept or reject an information as knowledge. The students who fail to appreciate this rule often produce deplorable results, as they do not address the given task or criteria. One of the critical misunderstandings that students tame is that they consider writing a TOK essay with a research-oriented approach.  What the students are required to understand is the fact that the requirements associated with TOK essay writing are not as identical as writing an extended type of essay.

    The Misunderstandings Associated with the Scope of Essay

    Being a rational essay writing student, what is significant for you to understand is how can you make your TOK essay as much realistic as possible within a prescribed word limit of 1600 words.  They unable to consider the most valid and concrete points that can be potentially made a case and reflect their inability to explore the issues capable of raising sufficient depth. It is essential for the students to select, to evaluate and eventually, reflect upon the most relevant set of ideas while planning the course of their essay.

    Writing Unfocused Introduction

    If you are writing an unfocused introduction, then it would dwindle the impact of your essay right in the first viewing. The approach to write successful introductions tend to focus on three key objectives –

    • Having some clarity over the establishment of key terms and concepts that are used in the title.
    • Stating your exact position, i.e., disagree with reservations, agree with reservations, strongly disagree, or strongly agree.
    • Recognizing the AOKs and the WOKs that the concerned essay meant to focus on.

    The essays that are open with generalized observations regarding the eternal quest for the knowledge of the mankind tend to set the stage for writing a descriptive essay. One such introduction can cause the readers to quickly erode their faith in the objective of the essay. An essay wielding strong introduction will make sure that all the aspects of the given title are properly addressed, and they consider all the assumptions that are integrated to the title. They never assume the approach in which the given title is addressed from one dimension only.

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    The Claims that are not Fully Explored or Evaluated

    If you are incorporating half-baked claims into your work, then rest assured that you will fail to vindicate or analyze the claims when the time comes. The approach of overlooking the counterclaims is one of the grave mistakes that one can commit at the time of draft formation. An essay featuring both claim and counterclaims would opt for a balanced approach and curtail the probability of mistakes associated with the presentation of one-sided statements representing the personal perspective, opinion, or viewpoint of the student.

    Failing to Consider the Implications

    There are an immense number of students who fail to secure top grades or marks simply because although they sound like making a valid argument but fail to consider the implications associated with it. When you are hiring online TOK essay help from a professional essay writer, then the implication of the argument is given the due importance and the whole segment of work is crafted in the most articulative way possible.

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    Defining your Essay with a One-sided Story

    To safeguard yourself against different types of mistakes that you are prone to commit in TOK essays is emphasizing on the fact that they are cross-disciplinary in nature. Even when you seek essay help from a specialized agency, then also you would find their content meticulously covering both the sides of the story.

    A strong TOK essay tend to explore multiple set of ideas and eventually present an objective argument featuring both the claim and the counterclaim to make both the student as well as the reader more open-minded to embrace diverse perspectives. In addition to that, students also fail to refer AOKs and WOKs and do not know how to focus on them in the opening statements. It is pivotal to use an appropriate language in TOK, to make explicit reference to the terms “areas of knowledge” and “ways of knowing.”

    The Application of Substandard Examples

    The application of the real-life examples would reinforce your TOK essay as well as back your claim and counterclaim. The origin of these examples can be the grounds of personal experiences, the cases that occurred across the social circle, passing through research documents and books, or researching online via authorized e-books or scholarly links. Yet, it is imperative to use the examples that are not too common or hypothetical in nature. It is primarily the uniqueness of your examples that indicate the extent of your understanding.

    It is always advisable to go for a range of examples that you can derive out of contemporary events, personal experiences, from multiple eras, cross-cultural, drawn from the course, etc. and make a relevant usage wherever it seems possible. While referring to specific examples, the reference can be made to a particular scientist/scientific theory, or artist/artwork, instead of making a generic reference to the “scientists” or “artists”.

    The presence of impactful examples does invariably seek the connection of the example right back to the title. It is always advisable to the students to elude the usage of hypothetical examples. One of the key demerits of using hypothetical examples as the base of the arguments by the students is that they turn out to be invariably vague, improbable, and anecdotal to generate the essays that fail to deliver pristine knowledge conclusions. Never hesitate to seek online essay help from expert essay writers in case the conundrum of any sort dwells in your mind.

    Nonetheless, the students should also shun the inclusion of too many examples. The students who prefer to approach the essay from the viewpoint of content tend to commit the mistake of filling out the void with large numbers of examples, jumping from one example to another without unveiling the significance of each. This results in an essay that turns out to be more descriptive in comparison of being analytical.

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    Simply Stuffing Up the Space with Jargon

    Do you really think stuffing up your essay work with jargon would impress the marker? Well, the truth is that an essay work filled with jargon will not only irritate the reader, but also poorly reflects your level of understanding.

    The basic difference between conventional writing and professional essay writing services is that an expert in the field would never convolute the content and jump straight to the point. He or she will always incorporate the components demanded in the instructions, strictly adhering to the word count, and stay away from jargon, pointless elaborations, repetitions, or beating around the bush. In short, all types of elements that can somehow be responsible for you to lose the marks will be evaded at all cost.

    Saving your Work from Incorrect Referencing

    Proper referencing is an indispensable part of any TOK essay writing, and it is one of the most sensitives segments of the document that are extremely prone to mistakes. The right citation of the work will make sure all kinds of statistical and research data integrated to the work is 100% credible. The essay evaluator or marker will always prefer to acknowledge a work that has been stated from original source and is free of plagiarism.

    Yes, you are not required to go about referencing for all kinds of facts that you state. It is always suggestive to skip the popular opinions and only cite the references for the lesser known yet relevant facts. Most importantly, make the reference in correct order and the most common referencing style used for the same is MLA format. It is widely regarded as the default style, unless some other referencing format is otherwise recommended in the essay instructions.

    If you are not well-versed in the application of the reference style, take TOK essay help from the professionals that do know how to execute the citation work with perfection. As correct referencing of the work is one of the critical yardsticks on the grounds of which your TOK essay is going to be evaluated, you cannot take it lightly.

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    The mistakes can be prevalent in any of the segments of TOK essay writing, right from unfocused introduction to merely filling the claims or counterclaims with jargon. It is fully anticipated that the points that we have discussed above would help you clear an immense number of doubts associated with what may or may not be done while writing on a TOK essay topic. The next submission that you would make would overcome these costly mistakes and get bestowed with top assignment grades to decide for a better and lucrative future.

    In case, you are finding the preventive measures mentioned above to be way too much to be handled yourself, then it is suggestive to go for the services of an essay writing agency that can not only seamlessly understand TOK topic requirements, but also navigate your whole project without getting affected by the potential loopholes discussed above.

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