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Most of the students tend to face difficulty while completing their IB TOK essay tasks and seek professional essay help to achieve trusted results. International Baccalaureate, or commonly known as IB, is a non-profit education program running worldwide to provide opportunities for the students to avail education to help them fit themselves in a globalizing world. These education program comprise of four IB segments intended to develop emotional, social, personal, and intellectual skills amongst the students.

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    The IB, or International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge essay is a standard-length essay featured in 1200-1600 words on the prescribed titles or topics created by the IB. Here, as the name indicates, your TOK essay ought to focus on the issues related to knowledge and interconnecting them with the other branches of study. It is noteworthy that, around two-thirds of your eventual TOK grade will be determined on the grounds of your score in TOK essay.

    IB TOK Essay Help

    Here, we are going to enlist the formation of an IB TOK essay title in three easy steps and elaborate them further. These steps include choosing your essay title, structuring the essay, and writing down the essay. Now, let us look at them one by one below –

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    Choosing your IB TOK Essay Title

    1.When you seek online essay help from a reputed essay writing agency with a strong goodwill in the market, then first and foremost they are going to help you with the selection of the right essay title, in case it has not been provided to you. For the given essay assignment, it is always anticipated from the writer to contrast and compare various ways of knowing through language, perception, reason, as well as emotion with diverse AOKs (areas of knowledge). The eight AOKs covered in a TOK essay are mentioned below –

    • Natural Sciences
    • Human Sciences
    • Mathematics
    • The Arts
    • History
    • Indigenous Knowledge System
    • Religious Knowledge System
    • Ethics

    2.Request your teacher for the PTs (prescribed titles) for the assigned TOK essay. These essay topics, or titles are created and recommended by the IB and would ask you to make a comparison based on one or two areas of knowledge. The concerned questions do change during every exam period, and it is necessary for you to remain objective across the whole essay work and do present both sides of the given title in a crystal clear and concise manner. For instances, two of the prescribed titles meant for the 2019 TOK essay were –

    • “When historians, mathematicians, and scientists claim to have explained something, are they implying the utility of the word ‘explain’ in an identical sense? “
    • “Make a comparison of the roles played by imagination and reason in at least two AOKs (Areas of Knowledge)”.

    3.Selecting the title prudently. Always go for a topic that features an area of knowledge that you are interested in or familiar with. It is suggestive to shun grabbing onto a topic on an immediate basis merely because it sounds simple or appealing. Rather than that, go for each title provided on the list on a careful basis and ask yourself some of the pivotal questions.

    • Are you familiar with the concepts or keywords given in the title? There is always a possibility that you would not remain clear with what the concerned title is asking you to do. Carefully pass through the title and highlight the concepts or the words that you are unsure about. It is the fact that, some of the titles will employ the keywords given in the TOK courses, like “belief”, “truth”, or “knowledge”. In case, you are struggling with the careful analysis of the given title, then never hesitate to go for a reliable essay writing services agency for help.
    • Are you finding yourself having a strong interest in the given title? The concerned title ought to play as per your interests and there must be a feeling of writing about the title with due diligence and care. For instance, in case you are interested and skilled in the Arts, you can go for a title like “Analyze the roles played by imagination and reason in leastwise two of the Areas of Knowledge” and then pick the Arts in the form of one area of knowledge. It is essential to keep in mind, that whatever you choose should balance with your passion for the assigned title right with in a form of an objective perspective.
    • Are you considering something pertinent to say regarding the title? Well, it is significant that you associate the question with the ideas and concepts you have successfully covered in your concerned TOK course, and the topics which you have studied right in the classroom, along with your personal thoughts or experiences. There must be an objective tone to your essay, yet inducing it with the aspects like passion, clarity, and personality.

    4.Write the Title in your Own Words – You may find several TOK titles to be convoluted or confusing when you read them for the first time. There is always a possibility of not understanding the keywords, while contrasting and comparing the components present in the title. One approach that you can go for is to rephrase the title and subsequently break it down right into one or two sentences to make it appear more pristine.

    • For instance, in a title such as “When mathematicians, scientists and historians say that they have to explain something, are they phrasing the word ‘explain’ within the same manner?”, as you may rephrase the existing sentence into two sentences. Here, the given title primarily refers to three AOKs, i.e., mathematics, science, and history. Subsequently, they are asking you to contrast and compare in a way these three AOKs employ an explanation as a path of understanding about an issue or topic.
    • The practice of breaking down the given title right into short sentences can help you have a clearer picture of what the concerned title is telling you to do and how you are planning the approach to answer the given title in a sufficient way.

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    Structuring your IB TOK Essay

    1.Note Down the Criteria for Assessment –

    There are four criteria used by the IB to grade your work. If we speak in standard terms, then each one of these carries an equal amount of weight. It is imperative to keep in mind these criteria at the time to pen down the essay. These include –

    • Comprehensive understanding of knowledge issues – Your essay work ought to be focused on the key knowledge issues, compare and link at least two of the knowledge issues, display relevancy amongst at least two of the knowledge issues, and portray an advanced understanding of the given knowledge issues.
    • The perspective of the knower – It is an undeniable fact that your essay must demonstrate self-awareness, independent thinking at least two of the diverse perspectives, along with numerous supporting examples.
    • Analyzing the knowledge issues – There must be an insight and depth in the essay work submitted by you. There has to be proper justifications backing your main points, along with arguments and counterarguments, as well as exploring assumptions and implications associated with your topic.
    • Organizing your ideas – An essay contesting for good grades is always required to be well structured, explaining the key concepts, citing references wherever applicable, and factually accurate under all circumstances.

    2.Read Essay Instructions Carefully –

    Make sure that you observe the keywords assigned in the essay instructions. There is always a possibility that you would be instructed to “evaluate” or “assess” a claim. It simply denotes the fact that you are required to consider the arguments for as well as against the title, and consider any grey areas or ambiguities associated to the title.

    • You may also be asked “in what way” or “to what extent” a particular statement is justified. You are required to present the arguments for and against the statement.
    • If you have been asked a direct question, your concerned work should have addressed the extent to which you are standing for or against an argument or a position.

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    3.Brainstorming Ideas Revolving Around the Essay Title –

    Prior to you sketch the outline of your essay work, get all your ideas flowing with the help of a brain storming session of five to ten minutes. Please note that the IB TOK essay is mainly a form of reflective essay, ensuring that you demonstrate your thoughts about the given title and analysis and interpret the same in advance.

    • You can simply commence with a standard, open brainstorming session. Pen down all the components and factors that are crossing your mind and think about the title without passing down the judgement of any sense.
    • Once you finished the brainstorming session, carefully read all your given notes. Recognize the ideas that can relate or contradict with each other. In case, you are assessing or evaluating a particular claim in the essay title, form for and against column and mention the ideas churned out of your brainstorming session into them. Generate a third column for ambiguities or grey shade ideas, and carefully put the ideas in that concerned column block.
    • Take a note of any of the examples of the ideas that you have wrote down. For instance, you might be addressing a title such as, “when mathematicians, scientists, and historians say that they have elaborated something, are they specifically using the term ‘elaborate’ in a similar sense?” You might create a brainstorming session for each AOK (Mathematics, science, history) in association with the idea of elaborating something. You can easily implement the examples of “something” in each of the provided AOK, i.e., a mathematical equation, a scientific theory or a historical event that took place in a trial or battle.

    4.Recognize the knowledge issue within the essay title –

    It is essential to understand that the knowledge issue will be an issue or a question referring to your understanding the world, others and, not to mention, yourself, in association with the search for knowledge. When you are placing efforts to answer the question, “how do you know?” the knowledge issue is going to be related to one or two of the eight Area of Knowledge in the given essay title (natural sciences, human sciences, mathematics, the arts, history, indigenous knowledge systems, religious knowledge system, ethics) and ought to examine the potential conflicts or problems prevailing in these (or amongst these) areas of knowledge.

    • As a writer, you should also recognize the core areas of knowledge that you have decided to cover in your essay. For instance, for a title such as “Analyze the roles performed by imagination and reason in at least two AOKs” you might pick two AOKs, i.e., science and the arts. You might then contrast and compare the function of the “reason” and the “imagination” in science and the arts.

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    5.Constructing an Outline

    Draft the outline of your essay based upon the brainstorming session, along with your chosen AOK. It will function as a roadmap and aid you in structuring your essay in a clear and concise manner. If you are including one to three AOKs, then your essay structure might appear in a five-paragraph format.

    • Paragraph I: Introduction- First and foremast, you can offer an explanation, along with an interpretation of the given title as well as the identity of the key terms existing in the title. You would also mention your thesis along with the recognition of the knowledge issue associated to the title. 
    • Paragraph II: Principal Area of Knowledge – For instance, history. Try to throw some light on how history answers the given title and offer supporting examples. If there are any counter- arguments against the given title, then mention them with supporting examples.
    • Paragraph III: Secondary area of knowledge – For instance, mathematics. Try to shed some light on how mathematics answers the given title and offer supporting examples. If there are any counter- arguments against the given title, then mention them with supporting examples.
    • Paragraph IV: Tertiary Area of Knowledge (in case applicable).
    • Paragraph V: Conclusion – Provide the summation of all your main concepts and ideas, then subsequently restate your thesis. Answering the title is an integral part of concluding the work, and takes into consideration the counter-arguments and the restrictions associated with the concerned AOK.

    In case, you decide the structuring of your essay on the grounds of the main argument and the main counter-argument, the entire outline would feature four paragraphs in total, i.e.,

    • Paragraph I: Introduction, along with analyses of the knowledge issue.
    • Paragraph II: The key argument, justified on the basis of one or two supportive examples.
    • Paragraph III: The key counter-argument, justified on the basis of one or two supportive examples.
    • Paragraph IV: The conclusion part.

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    6.Writing down the thesis statement –

    Go through the essay title, time and again, and try to form your thesis statement based on your essay outline and brainstorming notes. In the process of making your essay powerful, the thesis statement will perform the fundamental claim. Some of the students would find it effective to draft the thesis statement, as they attain a better sense of the key arguments mentioned in the essay.

    For instance, you can draft a thesis statement for the given title, “Compare the roles mentioned by imagination and reason in at least two of the AOKs (Areas of Knowledge).” If you are seeking to AOKs as history and mathematics, your thesis statement would be like “Though imagination and reason play a vital role in both history and mathematics, the imaginative thought process of mathematicians ought to be obvious and provable, on the other hand, the imaginative thoughts of historians are only required to be reasonable and subject to open debate and discussion.”

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    Writing Down the Essay

    1.Utilizing Essay Outline as a Guide: The focus should be on expanding each segment of your outline, abiding by the standard word limit of 1200-1600 words to finish the essay. What you should keep in mind is the fact that the introduction and the conclusion part of your essay are going to be the shortest paragraphs in your entire document. The body paragraphs are advisable to be the longer segments in your whole piece of work.

    It is recommended to refer all your brainstorming notes to recognize the supporting instances for your two AOKs, or your key argument or counterargument.

    2.Shun the Usage of Dictionary Definitions: It is essential to showcase the assessment committee that you are writing a reflective essay and it is not a piece of work featuring a load of textbook definitions. That is the reason why, to uphold the credibility of your submitted work, do not rely too much on the dictionary definitions to prove the worth of your arguments and counterarguments.

    For e.g., you might be discussing the utility of imagination and reason in the field of the Arts. Instead of discussing a familiar artist, such as Pablo Picasso, there will be the usage of examples that might feel insightful and original. Yes, it is essential to ensure that the provided essay is objective in nature, but there should also be personal and reflective components in them. Use supportive evidence that you feel passionate about, such as Rodin’s sculptures and Pollack’s kinetic movement paintings to reflect the fact that you have invested time and efforts to explore the examples that are unique in themselves.

    3.Use MLA Style Referencing for Source Citation: The citing of the external sources is required to be done for the sources of information that have been referred online and offline. It is worth to note that if you are citing the sources for your essay, then do it in the form of MLA referencing style. Refer the following points to make your citation better, as it is a very important parameter to ensure better grades.

    • Ensure the referencing of little known or surprising facts, to impress the evaluator. For example, “The sun is at the center of the solar system” is arguably one of the most renowned facts that you are not required to cite. On the other hand, “Auguste Rodin was an artist traditionally-schooled with a craftsman-like formulation associated to his work” will involve a citation as many individuals would not be well-aware of this fact.
    • Referencing any section or sentence in which you are following the trail of arguments or thoughts forged by someone else, even in the words formulated by yourself
    • Providing reference to the exact quotes and employ quotation marks
    • Being consistent with all your citations as well as your approach to refer certain sources.

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    4.Final Touch with Correction of Errors: The best way of tracing the spelling and grammatical errors, sentence irregularities and instruction violations yourself is reading your essay loud and clear. One of the impeccable tactics of rectifying the whole piece of work is reading the essay backwards to recognize the worth of each word and ensure no obvious errors in the entire draft. Besides, if you can spend some bucks, then you can buy a paid edition of a reliable anti-plagiarism software to detect duplicate content and even hire the services of a professional editor/ proofreader to get the job done on your behalf.

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    Now with that, it is the time to put an epilogue to the whole piece of work and it is well anticipated that you have learned the basic structure of International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge essay writing. The steps that we have discussed above are the parts of a standard layout and always open for customization as per the requirements put forth in the instructions.

    During the whole process of writing, we tried to understand the process of choosing the IB TOK essay title, structuring the IB TOK essay and finally, writing down the whole essay work. It has been further elaborated with the points emphasizing over the selection of the title, format of the thesis statement, bifurcating the areas of knowledge (AOKs) into the formal steps and citing the whole work in the correct referencing style and giving the whole draft a final touch with effective editing and proofreading.

    In case, you are finding the given sets of instructions above difficult to implement, then it is recommended to seek online TOK essay help from the experts with formidable experience in the field. Get benefited with never before benefits and features with the best essay help from Thoughtful Minds. Just get in touch with a service representative of an agency enjoying enormous goodwill in the essay writing industry for the last 14 years.