Sound content marketing strategies of Indian brands!

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This is the content overload age in which we are living. Have a look around and you will find every single person attempting to become an expert of the content marketing art. From the Holy Grail of getting digital, this is nothing less. The art has been mastered by only a few. Getting lucky for one or two chances is not content marketing for them. What they are doing is known to them very well and this is the reason why every time, they excel.

For some time now, a watch has been kept by us on the Indian brands. Some brands have been identified by us that are doing great every time. So, we decide to mine deeper and share their secret with you after decoding it.



You cannot ask for more when imagination is concerned. Their audiences are known to them and they are also aware of the fact that what would draw them make use of their service. In turning on the foodie self in you, they always succeed. On the social media, a strict rule of everyday post is not followed by them. For them, quality obviously means more than the quantity. This is known to their audience as well and this is why the new content is awaited eagerly by them.

Be it Twitter, Blog, Facebook or Instagram, on every network, they are likewise good. It is been said by the experts that your marketing could be ruined with the use of excess of the social networks. But how to efficiently use the multiple channels for the purpose of content marketing is shown by Zomato and that too with immense effectiveness.

Success mantra: In the most favorable manner, generation of the great content and on the social networks, well promotion of these.

Oreo India:

Oreo India-Thoughtfulminds

The code has been successfully cracked by Oreo India as how to keep the audience occupied with the content. Their challenges were bigger as the Indian Market was already dominated by the brands like Parle and Britannia when they entered into it. So with Ranbir Kapoor, the heartthrob of Bollywood, the campaign of brand awareness has been started by them with #DailyDunks. For the different networks, they come with the idea of different content. And what is about their content that is unique? For every piece of the content that is shared on the social media by them, they have main focus on their product. On Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, Oreo India is present. They also have TVC’s apart from that featuring Ranbir Kapoor. To connect with the audience, not even a single occasion is missed by them and of their content strategy, this is the USP. However, for the Pinterest Marketing, they are still improvement scope.

Success mantra: Content that is engaging and focus on the product. The association of a celebrity makes it throughout the offline content marketing as well.



If asked to take a stand in the social issue, 9 of 10 brands will be bashful. But this is not the case with Amul and it is definitely an exception with its relevant stories. With its prejudiced version, Amul is always there for any issue or cause.

To address any of the social situations, focus is applied as what is the mass point of view by all the Amul’s creatives. And in each of their content, the Amul girl will always be there as if from her viewpoint, the story is conveyed by her. This is what due to which the brand stands different from all others.

In Twitter and Facebook, Amul is present. To engage the audience, frequently attractive social media contests are conducted by them. A blog is also there but that is not consisted.

Success mantra: Like no other, the mantra for reaching the heart of the mass is understood by Amul.

Vogue India:


In India, Vogue uses the approach that is completely different. While for lifestyle and fashion, they continue to be the experts in the industry, in addressing the social issues, they take the lead with #VogueEmpower that is an idea to lift awareness on the violence against women and women empowerment.

In their videos, glamour is added since Bollywood celebrities are featured in them and an instant buzz is also provided by this to their efforts of content marketing. However, powerful storytelling is the biggest weapon that is used by them in the content marketing.

Even when in their content marketing, a major role is played by YouTube, they are also present on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook and Instagram having a noteworthy fan-following. After all, they belong to the niche that is widely talked about.

Success mantra:  For the brand, star power worked. A great storytelling is also there apart from that.



Here, the videos from Flipkart deserve a special talk about. They are highly appealing, topical and funny. One of those open up Indian online brands is Flipkart that as a primary player for its content marketing, adopted TVC’s.

A smile is always brought by Flipkart on the face of its customers be it the announcement of a service or a new offer and this is done by messaging, creativity and the sense of humor. Child actors shot most of the ads by which the likability factor is increased essentially.

Success mantra: Great interaction of customer, strategy of re-marketing, engaging content and compelling offers.

Even after being a serious business, when the spicy touch of is received by wedding, it gets appealing. Every aspect of the marriage is covered by them carefully with fun and emotions and this is what that separated them form the other sites of matrimony.

They always come with hilarious videos such as #Merishaadikarwao that are to the core entertaining. Similarly, the other campaigns that perfectly resonates with the target audience are like “Amazing proposals” or “Love, arranged by”

Similar to Vogue India, for the content marketing leader is YouTube.  However, they are also active on Twitter and Facebook. But from that of the social media, the marketing strategy that they use for TV and YouTube is completely different.

Success mantra: Pattering human emotion’s different shades for marriage and with a fine sense of storytelling and humor, expressing them.

Imperial Blue:

imperial blue-Thoughtfulminds

Among the lovers of whisky, one of the famous names is Imperial Blue. But from the campaign, “Men will be men”, the brand got its eventual fame. On video marketing is based the campaign.

Psychology of males is very well understood by them and on their commercials, this is shown by them. the major player are the ads on TV in their efforts of content marketing and often new videos are released by them. With a funny angle, the emotions of a man are perfectly depicted by each video. And laughter, smile and brand awareness that is ever lasting is the result.

Success mantra: The key is Fresh content for the brand that works every time.

OLX India:

olx India-Thoughtfulminds

You must be familiar with the famous song ‘Womaniya’. This is how their brand recall is built by OLX India. One thing is cried out by all their content pieces that is true to their tagline, “Where Buyers Meet Sellers”. OLX is the perfect place for you if you have something to re-sell.

Of every household in India, the common pain point is domestic clatter and to get rid of this, they help you. On Twitter and Facebook Marketing, OLX India is equally proficient even though TVC’s and video marketing are their main focus points. They not only make use of the content that is compelling and targets their niche but for using their service, they also motivates them

And to their efforts of marketing, the much required star power is also added by them when they associated themselves with Kapil Sharma, the TV star turned from stand-up comedian.

Success mantra: Star association, Humor marketing and addressing the target audience’s common pain point.




Started in 2009 by Bhupendra Khanal, a new-age company of analytics of social media is Simplify360. Infographics is their forte and as their clients in this category, they have more than 25 giant names to showcase. Here, it is better to remark that from the brands such as Abode and Twitter, purchase offers are obtained by this startup. But they made the choice to themself undertake the path. On Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube, they are active.

Success mantra: Their exclusive manner of analyzing, collating, presenting and breaking data.


Thoughtful Minds, offering digital marketing services in India for more than 10 years now found that in the content marketing of all the brands mentioned above, some factors are common like:

  • The most wanted factor is creativity
  • As long as great content is delivered by you, less is more
  • Creation of content as per the audience and network
  • The future is humor marketing and video marketing
  • When it comes to multiple network management, no use of the posts that are automated
  • For the creation of instant buzz, association of celebrity

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