SEO Blunders That Can Badly Affect Your Site Ranking [Infographics]

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SEO plays an important role in branding and online promotion. With SEO you can increase your site rank on SERPs. The top search result gets higher clicks. However, you must avoid the below mentioned SEO mistakes to grow your brand reputation.

Always Have a Clear Understanding of User’s Search Intent:

There is no point in generating quality content if your target audience don’t find it useful. Search intent shows the audience’s intention behind any search. Different keywords have different intent. Provide a solution by understanding why people are searching for something.


Traditional Techniques of SEO:

SEO keeps changing at a fast pace. Therefore, it is essential to stay updated and apply the latest techniques to stay on top of search results. Your site may get penalized by applying the traditional techniques. For instance, keyword stuffing is a traditional method that must be avoided at all cost.

Keep Yourself Up to Date:

SEO is a dynamic and ever-changing field. You must stay updated with all the latest changes. Google releases several updates every year that greatly affects a website’s rank. Staying up to date will help you stay ahead in the competition.

Impact of Search Features and Structured Data:

Structured data plays an important role in ranking on top. It also helps in boosting website traffic. Similarly, improving the search function internally in the website can be of great help. Optimize your web pages to make it easy for searchers to find things that they are looking for.

Don’t Ignore Conversion Optimization:

Conversion optimization helps in generating and then converting leads which is the main goal of every business. Instead of ignoring it, provide reviews, portfolio, case studies that would help them in purchasing your products or services. Boost your revenue with this amazing strategy which costs absolutely nothing.


Focus on Anchor Text:

Anchor text is an essential component of SEO and helps primarily in link building strategy. The anchor text of your link is of high importance. It helps searchers understand about the related blog or page link. Your brand authority will not improve if you don’t take care of the anchor text.

Video is The Future of Content:

Today people prefer watching videos than reading content. This is the reason behind YouTube’s popularity. Videos don’t take too long to get ranked on Google and are highly engaging. Hence, you should start working on videos instead of focusing solely on writing blogs.

Now as you know how your website can get affected by these SEO blunders, try to avoid them by making strong efforts. Set clear goals, understand audience’s search intent and follow modern SEO trends and techniques to stay ahead.

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