Netmarkers-News Website Development


Introduction – News website development

Netmarkers is an online portal where everything that is trending and viral is available. The website has got immense success in very short span of time since its inception in 2015. Within just 2 years, the portal is quite popular among people who are in search of trending and viral stuff online. Numbers of categories are there on the portal such as news, health, lifestyle, travel, food, animals, technology and what not…

In short, everything is covered in the site to provide all its visitors with something that lies in their area of interest. From home remedies, delicious recipes, latest news, parenting tips to the posts for animal lovers, travel etc. the portal coves everything viral on net and in trend. It serves as the one stop destination for all those who are looking for something interesting and latest. Netmarkers, with its tagline of- creating mark on the net, is there to offer its visitors with all in trend as well interesting and useful stuff.


We understand the fact that site like Netmarkers needs number of features to make an impact on the visitors so that they are compelled to visit the site again and again. Below are some of the features of Netmarkers:

  • Front page displays latest posts and their categories
  • Option of following on social media accounts on homepage so that visitors can directly access the social media
  • Sidebar showing posts that are most popular
  • Different sections on front page displaying posts of different categories
  • Fully responsive and customized site
  • Inner pages with the posts that are trending as well as the latest posts
  • Option for advertise with us so that interested visitors can advertise on the portal to earn benefits.


The website of Netmarkers is based on Php technology and developed on WordPress platform.

Days to complete

For the completion of such online portal, we need 7 working days and testing needs 3 days. Overall, for the completion of site, we need 10 working days.

Contact details:

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