How to Craft a Comparative Analysis Based Research Paper for the Students in Qatar?

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The universities of Qatar are known for offering the best research based courses to award doctorate or PhD in different career choices. Some of the popular names that pops onto the mind in order to successfully pursue research based studies include the world renowned Qatar University, Texas A & M University at Doha, Georgetown University in Qatar as well as Northwestern University located in Tampico. 

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    Now, in order to clear a doctorate in research or thesis, it is essential for the student to complete research paper online in his or her concerned topic. The research paper can be completed in numerous ways, but the most common way to do it is on the grounds of comparative analysis. 

    When it comes to a comparative analysis then it is basically done on the basis of two texts, two historical figures, two theories, two scientific processes, etc. While the comparison is being made, it could result in the revelation of the key differences as well as stunning commonalities. 

    While making a comparative analysis, it is essential that both the components being compared (e.g. A & B) are evaluated on the same parameter. When you look at both the components from the same lens then it would be possible for you to trace out the key differences and similarities. Generally, the distinction and similarities are drawn by evaluating one component and keeping the other variables constant. For a research paper you should visit dissertation writing services. 

    How a Professional Research Paper Qatar Help can make things easier for you?

    A reliable online research paper Qatar help could easily make the comparative analysis and effectively make compare-and-contrast paper abiding all the university guidelines. An academic research assignment agency can execute this task with trained manpower and loads of experience in the field to extract the raw data, observing and drawing differences and similarities and eventually cohere a meaningful argument. Here’s accounting and finance sample research paper.

    A research paper help agency crafts the research paper on the basis of 5 components- 

    1. Frame of Reference: The component primarily revolves around the context in which you would like to keep the two things in order to compare and contrast. The frame of reference generally consist of a theme, an idea, a problem, a question, or a theory. While crafting a research assignment, the students are generally provided with a frame of reference as well as the sources to construct it. If the university in Qatar is not offering you a frame of reference, then it is essential for you to come up with one on your own. Here, a reliable research paper Qatar service agency could help you decisively.
    2. The Grounds of Comparison: Let us say that your topic of research is global food distribution, and the commodities chosen by you are brown rice and wheat. Now, the obvious question that pops onto the mind is why these two commodities only? Why not go with white rice, barley, or pulses? It is essential for your reader to realize the fact that the comparison that you are making on your paper is deliberate and meaningful, and not a random coincidence. It is imperative to point out the reason behind your selection in advance.
    3. Thesis: In any form of argumentative paper, it is essential for the thesis statement of your paper to convey the gist of the argument. It ought to be the derivative of your frame of reference. In a research paper based on comparative analysis, the thesis is based on how the two things selected by you are actually related to each other. Do they actually corroborate, extend, contradict, complicate, correct, or rather debate each other? Whether your research paper primarily emphasizes on deviation or similarity, you are required to make the connection amid A and B clear in your thesis. That relationship is the crux of any comparative analysis based research paper. Have a look at research paper on Covid19 treatment to  understand the cause and effect relationship in a better way.
    4. Organizational Scheme: There are two key ways by which you can organize the body of your research paper. One is text-by-text, where you discuss all that of A, and subsequently all that of B. And the other key way is, point-by-point, where you are required to alternate points about A with respect to the corresponding points about B. In case you are reaching onto the inference that B extends A, then it is suggestive to go with text-by-text organizational scheme; on the other hand, if you observe A and B loggerhead in debate, then a point-by-point organizational scheme would certainly draw the attention to the conflict.
    5. Connecting A and B: In all forms of comparative analysis based research papers, it is essential to connect each point within the argument back to the thesis. In the absence of such connections, it would be a daunting task for the reader to observe how the new sections prudently and systematically advancing the argument made by you. The connection between A and B is essential in order to hold the paper together. If you succeed in that effort, then it is well assured that you would be able to convince your research guide or instructor regarding the concrete worth of your research and how fruitful it is in terms of new discoveries and findings.

    When we closely evaluate the elements mentioned above, then it would be pretty obvious that it would be difficult for a conventional research scholar to handle and successfully implement all of them. Here, an academic writing agency known to be a prestigious online research paper help Qatar can make a decisive impact. Learn more at dissertation help Qatar.

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