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FS Realty

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Introduction – Real Estate website development

Features –

The website of FS realty has following features:

  • Front page with video that auto plays when site is loaded and describe the motive of the foundation
  • Section on front page having images with sliding effect describing the activities of the organization
  • Footer section with the option to subscribe for the newsletter
  • Career page where the interested visitors can apply to be the part of the organization
  • Share your story section where visitors can share their success stories
  • Blog section for sharing the latest updates with the visitors
  • Fully customized and responsive site


The website of FS realty is based on Php technology and developed on WordPress platform

Days to complete

For the completion of real estate website, 7 working days are required by us and for the testing purpose, 3 working days are required. Generally, 10 working days are required for the completion of website

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Also know about the Company FS realty:

FS realty is the organization working with the vision to develop a happy world meeting the wishes of busy society of today by uniting the wide approach. The focus of the organization is to bring happiness in the life of people who have lost their smiles. The organization works with the initiative to join people and giving them chance to be the reason of bringing smile and happiness in the life of others. Through FS foundation, the aim of FS Realty is to make its contribution for a happy and problem free world.
Let’s bring happiness -the initiative of FS foundation is a wide and all-inclusive evolving approach with the objective to address the needs of the society with supporting ad innovative activities and with several initiatives of communal engagement, participation is done by FS realty for the optimistic social influence.