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Established SEO strategies of E-commerce for driving revenue & sales of website and attracting new customers.

We have skilled professionals in our SEO team having Google certifications to help in the management of the visibility of your eCommerce store, tracking transparency activities and reviewing performance of the campaign for increasing traffic on website and improving ranks.


eCommerce SEO by experts for growing sales and attracting traffic of customers

The success of your online store depends on the ease with which searches are able to get your category, product or brand. Similar products are available with several other eCommerce websites and therefore identification of your site becomes difficult for the user. This is where expertise of Thoughtful Minds comes to role.

For getting high ranking in search engines for your business, attracting qualified traffic to the website for increased revenue and sales and enhancing brand awareness, we develop an effective and comprehensive SEO strategy. We carefully utilize and prepare SEO audits and checklists to make sure that your eCommerce website enjoys healthy functionality.

Infographic on benefits of eCommerce SEO Services:

Infographics On Ecommerce SEO Services Benefits - ThoughtfulMinds

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Benefits of eCommerce SEO services by Thoughtful Minds:

Ecommerce Seo Benefits - ThoughtfulMinds

eCommerce SEO is significant for great visibility of your online store, sales, customer traffic and profits.

Linking you with potential customers:

We enhance the visibility of your store so as to link it with the potential customers. This helps in maximizing profits and sales.

Complete product line optimization:

We take care of optimization of all your products to make it easy for target customers to find your during online search.

Enhance your visibility online and defeating competition:

We develop competitive and customized SEO strategy with the use of finest SEO practices to help you stay at the forefront in competition.

Market your eCommerce store in cost effective manner:

eCommerce SEO is result oriented, powerful and affordable method for driving significant SEO results.

Lasting revenue:

Do not expect for overnight results from eCommerce SEO services since they serve as enduring source for earning remarkable revenue with time.

Our services of eCommerce SEO:

These features are highlights of our wide ranging social media, on-page optimization and content marketing services:

  • Optimization of product image
  • Products/ Sub category Page Onpage SEO
  • Product Markup
  • Onpage SEO of Brand Pages
  • Correction of On-page crawl error
  • Onpage SEO of Category Pages
  • Extensive Panda Check & Canonicalization
  • Optimization of Rich snippets
  • Recommendations for Optimizing Website Page Load

 Our working process of eCommerce SEO:

Infographic on the eCommerce SEO working process by Thoughtful Minds:

We significantly set up your digital presence with the help of proven process:

  • Research and Audit Assessment: Recognizing goals of clients and searching for the target market and target keywords.
  • Competitive Analysis: It includes recognition of ranking keywords, search strategy and campaigns of the competitors.
  • Action Plan: Introduction and management of final objective/goal of the campaign that includes budget, target, messages, campaign groups and measurement of performance.
  • Strategy Analysis & Planning: It includes keywords, structure of campaign, landing pages, ad text, thank you page, analysis of conversion tracking to keep it alive.
  • Co-Accountability with Action Items: It includes segmentation of action items between solid radicle and clients, analysis and monitoring of traffic and conversion data.
  • Review Method & Goal Report: Twist, optimize the campaign, achieve goals of campaign and find more keywords.

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eCommerce SEO FAQs:


Following are the solutions for possible queries of eCommerce SEO packages:

How National and eCommerce SEO differ from each other?

Optimization of products and categories listings for online products selling sites is in focus in eCommerce SEO. On the other hand, website optimization is in focus in case of National SEO to help it with better rank on SERPs for particular keywords. It also aims for enhancing brand recognition in specific country. Structure and category pages optimization are the part of eCommerce SEO while focus of national business is on specific country’s services page.

Unlike National SEO, eCommerce SEO has techniques like cross linking and internal linking that are a bit complex since the CMS platform of eCommerce sites is normally robust. The important factors in eCommerce SEO are keyword rich and dynamic URLs while simple HTML pages are there in National SEO.

Is there any guarantee in eCommerce SEO results?

With frequent changes in Google algorithm, it is almost impossible to guarantee certain results. However, your online presence could be definitely strengthened and improved with our established track record in results delivery and commitment of offering highest service level to our clients. In general, within 3 months, you will be able to witness improvements in rankings and in 6+ months in traffic.

PS: It is better to stay away from company that promises for guaranteed SEO results since they are not reliable. It is even confirmed by Google that it is not possible for anyone to guarantee rank #1 on Google.

What is the best practice if I wish to sell products aiming at different regions/countries?

Though its dependence is majorly on time, your budget and resource, still our recommendation is that you should develop separate sections on the domain that caters to various countries such as EU/UK or US. The costs of this approach are really low compared with purchase of entire new country domain such as .com.au or .co.uk.

What is the requirement of eCommerce SEO expert?

Several challenges and technical aspects are linked with eCommerce SEO and their manual handling is difficult. SEO professional having verified expertise can help in handing issues such as poor structure of URL, duplicate content, product pages that are non-optimized, thin pages, alt tags of images, redirects etc.

Why choose us?

Why Choose Us - ThoughtfulMinds

Company with proven track record and huge list of satisfied clients: Customer satisfaction is out top priority and we have a track record that shows our client’s satisfaction.

Years of experience: Our business expertise is unparalleled in delivering results with years of experience in this field.

Team of professionals: Skilled professionals are there in our team including website designer, SEO experts, copywriter and developer for delivering the projects successfully.

Personalized solutions: We offer eCommerce solutions that are industry specific considering the services, business and product line up of our clients

Assurance of transparency: We sustain supreme transparency with clients whether it is about campaign performance or prices.