Does Patanjali Requires Digital Marketing Services for Promotion? Case study by Thoughtful Minds

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Patanjali Ayurved, is quite a familiar name today and it has picked up like anything. The company with revenue of 50 Billion, gave a strong competition to big names like Hindustan Unilever, Nestle, ITC, Dabur and so on. Every segment of Patanjali is doing well and people give credit to Baba Ramdev for its promotion. Although, he is the face of Patanjali Ayurved and people are buying things because of him, but is this alone sufficient to bring the company on top?

Marketing Strategy Patanjali Ayurved Following at the moment:


Right now, the company is focusing more on the Media for the promotion of its products. You can easily find Patanjali sponsoring a number of TV serials, weather forecasts on News channels and so on. Even the company spends a good amount of money on Brand promotion by offering free banners on all shops with the name of shopkeeper on it. It simply means, the company is in a mode to spend more on advertising and earn more and this strategy seems to work too, but is it sufficient?

Right now the strategy may seems to be correct since it is putting a direct impact on the brains of consumers at Indian market. But we have an example of Toothpaste brand Colgate who experienced monopoly at one point of time but facing tough competition at the time from Patanjali. Even the advertising campaign of Patanjali Ayurveds seems to hit directly on the campaign of Colgate stating.. today companies are lying wearing white coat and so on.. Anyways, we are not here to discuss the rivalry of both these brands. The point is why Colgate lost its share and why Patanjali is picking up?

Colgate emphasizes on doctors and mothers promoting toothpaste but failed to keep an eye on the digital promotion. You might have seen a Whatsapp message or Facebook message showing the ill effects of this toothpaste. If the company would have stopped that message or would have started any better campaign then the results would be better. Yes, this is a good example of impact of Digital marketing on sale of products.

Does Patanjali requires Digital Marketing Services for promotion?

After analyzing the mistakes of Colgate, it’s very clear that Patanjali is doing the same. It is investing high on Media and advertisement but forgetting the role of Social Media. It is important for company to focus on this segment too since its products are good and based on natural ingredients that are to some extent free from side effects. The company is even selling its products at a very cheap prices and targeting more on test reports and quality parameters. After seeing the result of Maggi, every company is now following a safe approach and Patanjali is one of such companies.

Hence, it is very important for Patanjali Ayurved or any other company to focus on Digital marketing services so as to wipe out any problem that may arise due to one reason or the other. With strong online presence and good social presence, the company will be able to keep an eye on the online world and by this way risks can be reduced to a very great extent. With Facebook campaigns, with Youtube videos, the company should showcase before and after results of its products to have better impact. Moreover, blogs on health, hygiene, Yoga etc are also very useful and should be used to increase brand image of the company.


Right now company is above the Break Even Point and so it can spend and earn more with ease. With campaigns like “Buy Patanjali products to Keep Indian money inside India”,the company is in a position to put a good impact but market being dynamic in nature is full of uncertainties. It is therefore important for a company on focus on digital marketing services.

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