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When it comes to Google and SEO in particular, 2016 was a powerful year. Without the consideration of what had taken place in the past, one cannot have future preview. If we have a look to the events related to Google, the following points could be understood.

  • To the world of mobile only, Google is moving steadily: Forcing a change to mobile from desktop, the mobile-first indexing is almost exclusively dedicated to this.
  • The investigative efforts of Google seem to be fully devoted to predictive, entity and modified search. Again, if the personal devices such as home assistants and mobile are deeply considered then this is quite logical.
  • For this reason, the next search frontier is going to be the voice search.
  • In Google Search’s every single facet, the use of deep and machine learning has become by default. Thus in 2017, even more use of these could be expected.
  • The local search relevance in a world that is mobile only is even higher.
  • It seems that Google’s central focus will be video/ images marketing and video/ images after the startups acquisition.

Shift to mobile-first from desktop-first

Till now, one of the many SEO’s specializations has been considered to be the mobile search by the SEOs on the level same as international SEO or local search.

These intentions, after the mobile-first indexing announcement, have become 100% clear and somehow the Copernican Revolution is represented by them: Mobile is to be prioritized now after desktop prioritization for 18 years.

If the source of the site’s search traffic is looked at, the reason becomes obvious of this epochal change: It is clear that as compared to the traffic on site from desktop, much larger traffic is there from the mobile search.

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There are some sites that look desktop being the major source of their search traffic:

  • Of all the traffic that comes from the desktop, only 71% is represented by the Desktop search.
  • Of all the traffic from the mobile that comes to the site, only 55.79% is represented by Mobile search.

For year 2016, in the storytelling about mobile that is Google search-identified, the main character was the AMP.

In October 2015, AMP has been announced by Google and as per a study; there was already an AMP version with 37% of the news sites by April. However, globally, any kind of mobile version was only with 40% of the sites of news as per the reports from the same study.

Here, it must be noted that the other kinds of websites and ecommerce sites were not referred to in the study and only the news sites were considered. And heavier use of the responsive or mobile versions might be there on such other sites that were not considered.

What are the plans for 2017?

  • In the website mobile version, structured data must be implemented. This is since one of the major tools used by Google is structured data for understanding the web document’s meaning and eventually mobile-first indexing would be used by Google.
  • On the mobile search, the featured snippets are even more famous.
  • Personalized search is one of the main characteristic of Google that is enhanced by context and entity search.
  • If the personal assistants are considered than personalization becomes all the more important.

The overwhelming ascent of images and video strike back

The images and video attract the customers more as compared to the content and therefore they are getting increasingly popular. In 2017 SEO trends as well, the use of images and video in the marketing strategy will be there for getting more and more customers and attracting them to make use of the services.

There is a growth in the online consumption of the video and the engaging promotional videos by the companies attract large customer base to make use of their services.

While talking about digital marketing and SEO strategy for 2017, the leading digital marketing services in India suggest that video is the channel that must be explored all the more critically.


In 2017, in interest for the images marketing, return could be expected for the same reasons as explained for video.

Image search is not that useful for Google and this is the reason why machine learning and more intellectual efforts are bought by Google in the image recognition. Products are show roomed by people. People take these photos from the smart-phones and then for the same products, they prefer an online search.

Thanks to the concept of image recognition using which Google can help in this search.

Search Local Mobile

SO.LO.MO. is there in discussion a lot some tome from now and digital marketers are getting attracted towards it more and more. The idea is more promising and pressing of doing the marketing mobile and locally with the increasing success of chatbots and personal assistants.

Still the most used devices are desktops and laptops but the growth of smartphone is quick.

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For this fact, we can consider the following points:

  • At the average age of 10.3 years, the smart-phone is owned by a kid.
  • Compared to textual, children are more visual.
  • This increase the influence that they have on their parent’s buying habits.

To explain the fact that why to video live streaming and videos is every platform of technology devoted, the example that is very clear is kids. However, to every age group of the users of Internet, this is common in terms of consuming online videos.

So, these are the Digital Marketing and SEO trends in 2017 that must be followed in order to receive maximum benefits. If you are also looking for SEO services then Thoughtful Minds, the leading Digital marketing company in India is there for you offering result oriented leading Digital Marketing services. Get the services and see your business reaching new heights. Thoughtful Minds is there with years of experience in the field to help you get the desired results from Digital Marketing and earn profit for your business.

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