Tips on creating a landing page for Clickbank Promotion by Digital Marketing agency in India

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How to make money with Clickbank without much efforts?

Clickbank works by the process of sharing the profits of the sales between the vendors and the affiliates who help with the sales of the product. Many vendors and business men provide the affiliates with the image of the product to be sold along with necessary keywords and copies of the book that is hosted on the landing page of the affiliate’s blog or website. These images and keywords are in reality links that guide the user to the purchase page of the book, thus increasing the sales of the product.

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  • Try to obtain a good domain name that emphasizes on the product that is to be sold. A good method for cutting the promotion costs is to provide a free domain link through wordpress and blogger sites rather than hosting an expensive website. There are many sites that can help for the proper promotion o products; these include blogger, weebly and webs. The above mentioned websites help to create a good market for the products.
  • Try to add an attractive and eye catching headline that summarizes the product characteristics. The heading should be located at the top of the page and should be in high visibility of the user. Keep in mind that the font size of the heading should not be too large as it can potentially distract the customer from buying the product. Try to use fonts that are just a size bigger than the normal font size. Try to make the title stand out by using standoffish and attractive colors for best results.
  • If possible, try to include an image of the product for a more impactful product placement. Try to position the image which is pleasing and comfortable for the customers’ eyes. Try to place the image on the side that looks better for the website.
  • Try to utilize the usage of bulleted point s by clearly emphasizing the advantages and benefits of the product. Try to make the landing page more easy to read and easily understandable by using bullet points for easy readability. Instead of using log paragraphs, try to use short paragraphs that provide a brief description about the product. Providing small yet satisfying content helps the users to understand the product more thoroughly.
  • Also add valued reviews from previous customers. do not try to write fake reviews as this can tarnish the name of the vendor.
  • Try to place the price of the product at the top as this can enable the user to decide whether or not to purchase the product while going through the details about the product. Try not to add the price at the end of the description as this can disinterest the customer. Also, try to include the “buy now” button under the price provided and ensure that the button can easily connect the customer to the vendor’s page.                                                                                    [Read Also: 50 ways to boost your Google Adsense revenue]

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