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There are numerous colorful festivals celebrated in India and Diwali is one of the most joyful festivals amongst these. This is popularly called as festival of lights and the celebration extends for 5 days. A huge celebration is carried out on this day and people celebrated Diwali with great enthusiasm. Series of fiestas are celebrated in this 5 day festival, each having its own special significance. The date of this festival is decided on the basis of lunar calendar and therefore it varies each year.

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There are several facets of this festival and it is celebrated in specific manner all round India following various remarkable customs. In Uttar Pradesh, Diwali serves to be one of the most enthusiastically and widely celebrated festival. It is an extravagant affair in Varanasi where unique Ganga Aarti is conducted in evening time in which thousands of earthen lamps illuminate whole Ganga floating over its surface.

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In Maharastra, Diwali pooja is celebrated with great energy with the belief that households are visited by Goddess Laxmi on this day bringing in lots of prosperity and wealth with her. Several delicacies are prepared on this occasion and homes are decorated with lights. In Tamil Nadu, people use to have traditional oil bath at dawn and wear new clothes on this day. The celebration extends to evening ensued with sparkles and crackers bursting. In Bengal, Goddess Durga’s Avatar Kali is worshipped on this day termed as Kali Puja.

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