Best Tricks For WordPress Website Development

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WordPress is the most popular content management system. It is simple and user-friendly. Therefore, most WordPress development company in India suggest using this for template website development.

Choosing the Right Plugins:

WordPress provides many amazing features that makes template website development smooth for developers. It provides many plugins that helps in extending functionality of a website. But all websites are not great, there are some that could even slow down your website. It is important for WordPress development company in India to be choosy while choosing plugins to add functionality.

Uninstall plugins that are not required. Little research about plugins would be of great help for you to decide which one is the best. Check the audience reviews and ratings.

Build an Attractive website:

The best part about WordPress is that it is very easy, beginners too can easily use it. But WordPress development company in India have expert developers who build great websites which is unique and have great navigation. It is not just another WordPress website.

Uploading Media:

The speed of the website plays an important role in its success. The images undoubtedly make a website attractive, but it must be of good quality and optimized one. Delete images that are not necessary. Using too many images in template website development can slow down the website. Hence, use it properly, wherever it is required.

There are some plugins that helps in replacing images instead of deleting it. Proper naming of the image is also important.


Permalinks are the page URLs that help people find your website page. An example of URL: It should be easy for people to remember and should be SEO optimized so search engines can easily find it and rank it on top. WordPress development company in India should keep this in mind while template website development.

Adding Favicon:

Favicon is also known as favorite icon and these are used to customize websites. During template website development it can be uploaded in the dashboard. It can be easily added to a website and is used as brand recognition.

Proper Utilization of WordPress Roles:

Being a WordPress developer, you should know what roles you need to give to the client. Properly educate the client about the website and their roles. Give them the basic roles, that would not affect the website.

Credentials of WordPress:

As WordPress is popularly used for website development, there are chances of hacks too. To keep your account safe, use a strong password and username so that no one can guess it.

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