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Introduction – Fashion website development

Features –

Following are the features of Art Nouveau Website:

  • Full width slider on homepage showing different exciting offers and discounts available on products
  • Large divisions on homepage with images having hover effect and links to respective discount offers
  • Currency selection option so that users can view prices in desired currency
  • Whatsapp contact icon at the bottom of pages so that users can send their queries directly.
  • Footer section with exciting features like subscribing for free gift, links for order tracking, blogs, size guide, wholesale etc.
  • Blog section to offer the visitors with latest offers and fashion trends


Art Nouveau website is made on WordPress platform and is based on Php technology.

Days to complete:

This is an important section so that one can get idea about number of days required for website completion so that the business can go online. For completing the website, 7 working days are required and the testing phase requires 3 days. Taken as a whole, it takes about 10 working days for completing the site so that the business can go online.

Contact details:

If you are also looking forward for quotation of fashion website development then contact us at: [email protected], +91-9413348979

Also, know the details about Art Nouveau:

Art Nouveau is a popular name in fashion industry that is moving forward with the motive of presenting new fashion era where users can enjoy convenience of buying desired clothes online in abroad as well as in India.  This group works with in-house team for handling all the operations such as raw material procurement-manufacturing- designing-shipping etc.  All this is done to achieve its motto of delivering the customers with garments of finest quality and that too at best possible price.

At Art Nouveau, customers can find blend of various Indian art forms for creating clothes collection that is unique in itself. Be it the minute embroidery work, vibrant tie and die shades, soft and bold prints of block printing and screen printing etc.