5 Skills to Offer Distinguished Content Writing Services

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The profession of writing contains multiple layers in it. There can be writers surviving on a modest job of writing product descriptions for catalogues, while there can be writers like J.K. Rowling winning acclaim and cashing-in millions! But the percentage of writers reaping continuous success out of their business is very limited. Most of the content writers struggle to make their ends meet.

Have you ever tried to understand why some of the writers always struggle with their work? Why despite having good talent, they fail to display it at the right moment? Well, the reason is the lack of  certain decisive marketing skill.

Check this infographic for top 5 essential skills for content writers:

Infographic on top 5 skills that could take your content writing career to new heights - ThoughtfulMinds

Here, we are going to shed some light over the top 5 skills that could take your content writing career to new heights- 

  1. Mastery in Distinct Writing Styles: If you are specialized in different forms of writing then there would not only be more scope for you to survive but also to thrive. It is noteworthy that News is delivered in AP form of writing style, the crux of effective blogging is personalization, friendly and self-opinionated, Ad copy is persuasive yet short, White papers are lengthy, still effective in describing a problem and to fetch a concrete solution. If you wish to become professional in each form of writing, then it is imperative to gain mastery is distinct writing styles and provide content writing services in them. content writing services in India-Thoughtfulminds
  2. Successful Content Writers Never Go for Random Subjects: It is not possible for an individual freelance writer to generate all those ideas that are equivalent to the one generated by professional marketing teams. That is the reason why, it is necessary for them to carefully evaluate all those tactics that make a successful content writer-a ‘successful’ content writer!


    1. Understand Your Audience First: If you could realize who your readers are and what their perception is, then you could craft your piece of work accordingly and make it more ‘reader- oriented’ and ‘reader-centric’. You ought to write for your audience, that is the golden rule! Your audience comes first, not you, your company or your brand.
    2. Perform Strong Research on Keyword: Use the right keyword checker tool in order to analyse the competition and assimilate the primary and secondary keywords with right proportion and density.
    3. Check Where your Competitor is Standing: Measure every move made by your competitor. What they are doing correctly and what incorrectly? Which sources they are using to create backlinks? What they are tweeting about? What they are blogging about? It would help you decisively to craft your own move.
    4. Crafting a Crispy Title: ‘Ok, now you got my attention!’ The attention of the reader online would always be spontaneous. It is the selection of words and how they are used decides the level of interest taken by the readers to switch other results aside and read your post assiduously.content-writing-services-ThoughtfulMinds
  3. No Shortcut to Integrity: In other words, be original! The originality of the content is the oxygen for any content writing service It is the unique voice of the legitimate, talented writer that adds fresh perspective onto an already overworked subject. Writing services with plagiarized content is not good for SEO, not good for your employers and certainly not good for you. Never make duplicate content a part of your SEO content writing, and to check that it does not happen accidentally always take the help of plagiarism checking tools.
  4. Successful Writer Understands SEO, CSS, HTML and WordPress: Well, it is not about pursuing a diploma in all these technical streams! What we are trying to emphasize is the basic understanding of all these technical jargon could help you understand how quality content is marketed effectively. Understanding the basic HTML and WordPress could help you make your text appear more appealing to grab instant visual attention. Besides, constantly updating SEO knowledge could help you witness the changes taking place in search engine algorithms. There is no use of an SEO measure, even if it is right but now defunct.
  5. Be Social Media Expert: Crafting excellent content is one thing and helping it reach millions of people is totally a different game. In today’s world, recognition is important. Social media could help you meet your audience, publishers and industry experts every single day. If you are social media savvy and know how to engage your audience then your content could easily trend among your followers. Then would come one stage, where all you required to do is craft a content as per audience’s taste and it will become viral spontaneously.

    social media network background with icons vector

Hence, successful content writing services are dependent on various factors and it is not expected of you to hone your skills and expertise in each one of them. All you are required to do as a writer is become SEO specialist, ethical, a bit of an on-page coder, and above all, a social media butterfly! It would take more than a few weeks or months to assimilate all these qualities, but you could certainly reach that spot if you kickstart your journey now. As it is said, it is better to be late than never!